How to play

Dunkest NBA Fantasy basketball offers two game modes: Classic (all versus all with non-exclusive rosters) or Draft (private leagues with exclusive rosters defined by an auction).

Here are the main features of Classic Mode.

Go to the Rules for more details, including the Draft Mode.

1Up to 3 fantasy teams

95 Dunkest credits to create each fantasy team with 10 players and 1 head coach.

2Non-exclusive rosters

You can choose any player (within the budget) even if already chosen by other users.

3Private Leagues

Your teams automatically participate in the General Championship against all users of the game, but you can also create private leagues (with a General ranking mode or Head to Head mode) to challenge your friends.


Players of your fantasy team get a score based on the real statistics recorded in the NBA championship. The starting five players, the sixth man and the coach get 100% of the points, while the players on the bench get 50%.

5Captain and Bench

Select a Captain among the players of the starting five, he will double his Dunkest score.


Each Matchday is divided into Turns, which are equivalent to the block of games played in a single day. Between one Turn and the next you can change the formation, captain and make field-bench substitutions.

7Field-Bench Substitutions

During a Matchday you can make field-bench substitution, change formation and Captain.


At the end of each Matchday you can sell and buy players to improve your fantasy team.