Euroleague Betting: The Most Essential Tips

Are you looking forward to Euroleague ULEB annually? We are sure our article will interest you, as it reflects the Euroleague ULEB as one of the most annoying basketball events, attracting the best clubs and millions of bettors worldwide


It delights basketball fans with fiery confrontations throughout the season and the Final Four to determine the winner.

Experienced bettors follow Euroleague matches most thoroughly, making various types of bets (singles, express, etc.). This tournament features its own characteristics and statistical patterns. Let’s explore ways to bet on Euroleague matches for the most successful bets and increase bankroll.

The Euroleague is of particular interest and often even overshadows the National Basketball Association. Bettors try to follow every game day of the competition and the related news, as any statistical feature can be overshadowed by injuries, suspensions, or personal reasons. All bookmakers are well aware that the Euroleague is a tournament with increased attention – thus, they offer a wide line, and painting (some of them provide long-term events). You need to choose a reliable bookmaker, research patterns, and follow the news – this is how you can increase your chances of success!

The choice of a bookmaker plays no less important role than the study of statistics and patterns. It’s just like in the case of online gambling – even if you win, only licensed casinos will cash out your winnings! Have you got interested? Then follow the materials and news from the qualified Gamblorium team!

Euroleague Features To Note For Successful Betting

The number of Euroleague participants is constantly changing, but this does not greatly affect the approach to betting. Just take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent, following a few points:

  • The tournament begins with the regular season – each club meets its opponents home and away.
  • At the end of the season, the playoffs begin with the 8 strongest teams advancing.
  • 4 participants are eliminated from the quarterfinals – thus, the Final Four begins, consisting of 1/2 finals, a match for 3rd place, and the final;
  • New clear favorites appear annually.

Before the start of the next Euroleague, study the composition of the leaders to come up with their potential.

Are There Any Regular Season Features?

Sure, they are! The regular championship has become somewhat of a breakthrough for the teams. Throughout the 34 rounds, clubs have gained points that allowed them to advance to the playoffs. The matches during this stage are becoming fiery and have some statistical features. First, we are talking about increased performance and breaking through the base total – during the regular championship, teams do not rest on the defensive. One defeat doesn’t mean anything over such a long distance, so teams don’t experience much moral pressure. Even at the finish line, they adhere to an attacking style of play, consistently shooting 160 or more points.

Next, in overtime, the leader is putting the finishing touches – in the regular championship, the teams rarely get to the extra five minutes. But it’s worth using! Usually, a team that saves itself in the last seconds devotes too much energy and emotion to it. Therefore, in overtime, it is worth betting against the team that scored in the final quarter.

What About the Playoff Pattern?

The playoffs are high time for fierce battles – the teams are struggling for the opportunity to get into the Final Four. Participation in the final stage emphasizes that the club has successfully spent the entire season. The winner of the opening match takes the entire series into its piggy bank! We often follow the situation when the series winner can be determined after the first match. We cannot deny that it is due to home-court advantage. If the visiting team has succeeded in the opening match, then we can assume that it will win the series.

Note that only the best teams deserve a chance to get into the playoffs – thus we can state the minimum handicap in all pairs. Therefore, even in the 1st and 8th teams pair, defeats can rarely occur. Bettors should take advantage of this, as these outcomes are subject to inflated odds. The gap between the loser and the winner is often minimal (not exceeding 10 points)!

Final Four Betting Tips

Millions of basketball fans from all over the world are waiting for the Final Four! It is a great-scale event, consisting of four matches for the teams to demonstrate their potential. Although this stage features a fast pace, it attracts bettors most of all and requires the most thorough approach.

The winner of the regular Euroleague draw does not become the main prize owner! For a long time, this rule has been in effect. The team that wins the regular championship usually easily makes it through the playoffs but does not achieve the desired result in the Final Four. The match for third place usually assumes an increased performance. Things go clear – teams that reach the consolation final no longer have any special tournament motivation. Bronze medals cannot satisfy the strongest EU basketball representatives. Therefore, the teams enter the fight for third place angry and want to cause a lot of trouble for their opponent. The meetings are distinguished by their effectiveness – they rarely score less than 160 points.

Besides, in the Final Four, crowd support is vital – so, pay attention to the location of the final stage of the competition, as the host almost always reaches the final, and in most cases scores a victory. Even if the stage is held in another city, all basketball fans in the country rally around their representative on the international stage.


If you don’t want to examine the team when analyzing a bet, you can study each player’s PIR rating. Next, follow the game application – if several rating leaders have failed to get there, then the coach didn’t put forward the optimal lineup! When developing your betting strategy, remember that the Euroleague features the best representatives of their countries, fighting for their homeland.

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