Mid-Season League: how it works

Starting again with fantasy basketball is possible! Create a Mid-Season team and start playing on par with everyone

Mid season league euroleague

One of the most important innovations of the 2020/21 Fantasy Euroleague season powered by Dunkest is the Mid-Season league, a public league in which every fantasy coach has the opportunity to restart the game with a new team to better enjoy the second part of the season.

This is the best opportunity to restart for all the fantasy coaches who are not satisfied with the season, but also for those who simply want to relive the emotions of a new start.

How it works

All the Mid-Season teams are automatically enrolled in this league if created before the start of the same.

You can create your Euroleague Mid-Season team, starting January 16th, 2021, the date on which the 3rd team slot you find on your home page will be unlocked.

From that moment you will have 7 days to fix the team: the Euroleague Mid-Season league will start on January 21st, 2021, with Matchday 21.

The old teams (those you started with at the beginning of the championship), will obviously continue to exist and to be registered in all their leagues.

Team budget

The budget of credits you will have to create your Mid-Season Euroleague team will be higher than at the start of the season, as the value of the players has increased in the meantime due to the capital gains.

You will then have a budget of 101 credits.

Leagues end Leaderboards

When you create your Mid-Season team, it will be automatically enrolled in the relative championship in which everyone, as you will have understood by now, starts from scratch, at par.

However, you can also create new Private Leagues with your friends or other users of the game (look for them in the Public League section of the app) to invite only Mid Season teams to restart the competition from scratch.

Attention: in the new Private Leagues, the admin will have to eliminate any “old teams”, as the system will not automatically prevent their participation.

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