Online Casino & Sports Betting, What Are The Safest Payment Methods?

This has created quite a lot of conundrum among online dwellers since it has become extremely hard to decide which operator they could trust

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The online gambling and sports betting market is expanding. With every passing week, we’re witnessing more new operators that are joining the virtual world in the never-ending race to attract more users to their website.

This has created quite a lot of conundrum among online dwellers since it has become extremely hard to decide which operator they could trust. Every experienced bettor and gambler knows that one of the most important things when choosing a new operator is the available methods of payment.

All online players can be very cautious when it comes to signing up for an account with a new operator, and even more so when they need to make their first deposit. To make a deposit means you need to leave your private and bank information on a website that is still unknown ground. However, there’s a solution.

If you always opt for the online casinos that offer some of the safest payment methods, you can rest assured that your transaction and information are secure.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the safest payment methods that only the best operators offer to their online visitors.


Online casinos from around the world, and especially those that operate in Canada, are including Interac as a method of payment to their users. The reason why this method is becoming more popular among Canadians is that it offers highly secure and risk-free transactions. Therefore, you can find more players on Interac casinos than ever before. RealCasinosCanada’s website offers a huge selection of Interact casinos to choose from.

The experts provide special guides on how to deposit, instructions on withdawals and casino bonus perks for each gambling website. This payment service works like a debit payment method. It means that when you use your Interac card to play online casino games, you’ll have limited resources that will prevent you from spending too much of your money. One of the main advantages of using this type of payment method is that transfers occur instantly.

Unlike other types of payment methods, it won’t take you several hours or even days to deposit funds to your online casino balance. And for some people, this can be the defining feature since they want to be able to play as soon as they register for an account with an operator. Interac is used by top-notch Canadian online casinos. What is more, Interac also offers the possibility to make a deposit with CAD.

Visa Cards

Visa cards have been proving for years that they’re a company whose only goal is the customers’ good opinion and trust. It very unlikely that you will find an online casino that is worth your while and that doesn’t offer any type of Visa cards as a deposit or withdrawal method. Visa cards are one of the most used payment methods for all kinds of different transactions worldwide.

Some types of Visa cards, like credit cards, have been forbidden in UK online casinos. However, there are other types like Virtual Visa cards and Visa debit cards that are players’ favourites on online casino websites.


E-Wallets took the world by storm once they made their first appearance in the virtual world. The online dwellers had been amazed at how secure, effective and, most of all, fast e-wallets proved to be. Some of the most trusted online casino websites will definitely include an e-wallet as a payment method option on their website.

With e-wallets, online players can now freely connect their bank account or credit card information to their wallet and transfer the funds there. Afterwards, the user makes a deposit at any online casino by using the wallet and without leaving any bank account details on gambling websites that can seem unverified.

Also, if an online casino doesn’t include an e-wallet option among their payment methods, maybe it would be best to look for another place to play games online. Some of the most used e-wallets include Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and PayPal.


The booming Internet technology is changing the world every day. And in order to keep up with the latest innovations from the world of technology, we must accept these novelties and learn to live with them. One of the greatest changes that marked the past decade was the introduction of Cryptocurrencies.

Once companies worldwide started accepting Cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, it was clear that payment methods as we know them will change for good. Nowadays, only the first-rate casino accepts this method of payment since it’s the safest and fastest one out there. There are dozens of Cryptocurrencies at the moment. However, it highly likely that once you join a reliable online casino, you might see that they accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, and Ethereum.

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