Carmelo Anthony responds to Dillon Brooks

Carmelo Anthony responds to Dillon Brooks’ latest comment, which states he doesn’t want veterans on the team

Dwight Howard con Carmelo Anthony

Among the big names who haven’t found an NBA team this season, but would like to return to the league, is Carmelo Anthony, who in recent hours also wanted to avoid a quarrel with Dillon Brooks.

The Grizzlies guard, after the exchange with Draymond Green, seems to be eager for discussions especially with NBA veterans, and hopes that the franchise doesn’t sign experienced players who could take on the role of mentors.

Keep me out of this with respect

Carmelo Anthony

Melo doesn’t want to get into any disputes while Dillon Brooks continues to attract various sympathies. A pointed response to the question: “Could the Grizzlies use a veteran like Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard?”

Those guys only think about getting back into the league instead of being in a group and being veterans. One true veteran is Udonis Haslem

Dillon Brooks

Brooks doesn’t hide his preferences, but perhaps, in a group that is building the reputation of “Bad Boys”, a veteran could be an important element in the locker room.

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