Worst NBA Free Throws Shooters in history

Who holds the record for the worst free throw shooter in NBA history? Here is a ranking of the 15 worst free throw shooters in terms of shooting percentage.

Ben Wallace in maglia Pistons

In basketball, free throw shooting is a technical skill that can make the difference in the outcome of a game. It can bring joy or, in the case of a miss, lead to defeat. Many NBA players have made a name for themselves with this important skill.

However, many other players who have played on NBA courts do not possess this ability, ending their NBA careers with terrible numbers and percentages from the free throw line. So, after looking at the best NBA free throw shooters, here is the darker side of the coin with a ranking of the worst free throw shooters of all time.

Worst NBA Free Throw Shooter

The NBA player with the worst free throw shooting percentage is Ben Wallace, with a 41.4% success rate, resulting from 1,570 misses out of 2,679 free throws attempted during his 17-year NBA career with Detroit, Washington, Chicago, Orlando, and Cleveland.

Despite his poor shooting from the line, Ben Wallace won the NBA championship with the Detroit Pistons in 2004 and had excellent defensive skills that led him to win the Defensive Player of the Year award four times (2002, 2003, 2005, 2006), as well as the Best Rebounder award twice (2002 and 2003) and the Best Shot Blocker award (2002).

Among active players, the numbers of three centers stand out (in a negative way): Andre Drummond, currently playing for the Chicago Bulls, and DeAndre Jordan, center for the Denver Nuggets.

Below is the ranking of the worst free-throw shooters in the NBA (last updated: March 14, 2023).

Ranking of the Worst NBA Free-Throw Shooters

#PlayerMissed free-throws%
1Ben Wallace1.57041,4
2Andre Drummond1.76647,5
DeAndre Jordan1.89247,5
4Wilt Chamberlain5.80551,1
5Shaquille O’Neal5.31752,7
6Johnny Green1.89155,3
7Bill Russell2.46656,1
8Dwight Howard4.09456,7
9Josh Smith1.38063,2
Walt Bellamy2.97563,2
11Antoine Walker2.97563,2
12Vin Baker1.37163,8
13Rudy Gobert1.22863,9
14Wayne Embry1.34764,0
15Tyson Chandler1.32164,4
Players with a minimum of 1200 missed free throws in their career

Worst NBA Free-Throw Shooters currently active

#PlayerMissed free-throws%
1Andre Drummond1.76647,5
DeAndre Jordan1.86947,5
3Clint Capela71653,1
4Steven Adams94553,6
5Bismack Biyombo72555,7
6Mason Plumlee1.00556,6
7JaVale McGee62360,4
8Rudy Gobert1.22863,9
9Thaddeus Young71766,3
Montrezl Harrell60366,3

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