LeBron James Injury, Stephen A. Smith criticizes LBJ

The famous journalist Stephen A. Smith criticizes LeBron James’ recent statements regarding his injury

Stephe A. Smiht e Kendrick Perkins ESPN

This morning there was news circulating, reported by authoritative sources from ESPN, that LeBron James could have returned for the last week of the regular season, but the player himself quickly denied it on Twitter.

This sudden denial by King James has caused a stir, with the famous American journalist Stephen A. Smith who wanted to weigh in on the matter during the popular First Take show:

I appreciate LeBron’s candor, I sincerely applaud him for this. But LeBron doesn’t always speak for himself. It’s not true. Don’t lie. There are many people who speak for you. Kendrick Perkins and I constantly hear them. I just wanted to say that

Stephen A. Smith

Smith reiterated the concept, highlighting how in his opinion there are many people who feel entitled to speak on behalf of James:

He only speaks for himself. That’s not true! There are a lot of people who speak for him

Stephen A. Smith

Certainly, this uncertainty about LeBron’s return date will weigh on the Lakers, who are engaged in a desperate pursuit for a spot in the NBA playoffs, with almost certainty of having to go through the Play-In.

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