“Air – The story of the great leap”, the new movie about Jordan and Nike

On April 5th, “Air – The story of the great leap” will be released in cinemas, the movie about the birth of the relationship between Jordan and Nike

Air Jordan Nike

On April 5th, “Air – The story of the great leap” will also be released in theaters, which tells the incredible and revolutionary partnership between Nike, which was struggling at the time, and a young Michael Jordan.

In the upcoming film, Ben Affleck (director and actor) plays Nike co-founder Philip Knight, while Matt Damon plays sports marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro. The star-studded cast also includes Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Gustaf Skarsgård, and Davis as Jordan’s mother, Deloris.

The film explores the relationship between Nike, a predominantly white corporate entity, and African American athletes, and the impact that Michael Jordan had in changing the perception of sneakers from a simple fashion accessory to a symbol of identity, culture, and style.

However, in “Air – The story of the great leap,” (here are the top 10 basketball movies) Michael Jordan will not appear, except in some archival footage, and Ben Affleck explained the reason why during a recent interview.

Jordan is too big. He transcends the story, and even if he were to appear, if you think “Yes, that’s MJ,” we know that it’s not really him

Ben Affleck

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