Ben Simmons, Windhorst: “His contract is the worst in the NBA”

The ESPN analyst doesn’t hold back criticism of the Nets and Ben Simmons’ contract

Ben Simmon intervistato con la maglia dei Nets

This regular season has come to an end and once again, what was supposed to be a redemption year for Ben Simmons has turned out to be another disastrous chapter for the player.

The 76ers knew they were trading an unreliable player and the Nets on the other side knew the same. […] The Sixers are title contenders, but looking at the Nets, it was only a matter of time before the whole team gave in

Brian Windhors

Summing up the situation, which has worsened after the news of Ben Simmons’ new setback caused by a nerve injury in his back that prevents him from playing, Brian Windhorst doesn’t hold back in criticizing the Australian and even the Brooklyn Nets.

Simmons will earn around $80 million over the next two years, has just parted ways with his agent, and the Nets don’t know how to move forward with Simmons: it’s the worst contract in franchise history

Brian Windhors

Ben Simmons will earn $37.8 million in 2023/24 and $40.3 million the following year: the only faint hope, looking at the numbers, for the Nets is that the former Sixers player returns to being even just a version resembling the three-time All-Star player of his first 4 years in the NBA.

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