All-NBA Teams, the Most Selected Players

Here is the ranking of the Players with the Most Selections in an All-NBA Teams

LeBron James

The All-NBA Teams is an annual award that the NBA assigns to the top 15 players of the Regular Season, divided into three teams based on their positions: first team, second team, and third team. The recognition has been present since the first NBA season (1946/47), but it has been called the All-NBA Teams since 1950.

Although the name has remained the same for over seventy years, the type and number of players to whom this award is given has changed over the years.

In fact, at the beginning, only 10 players were selected (divided into two teams) without taking into account their positions on the court. Starting in 1955, however, the NBA decided to also weigh the positions played by the various players on the court, forming the two teams with two guards, two forwards, and a center.

Finally, in 1989, a third team was introduced while preserving the composition based on the established positions.

From the NBA season 2023/24, the new agreement between the NBA and NBPA on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), in addition to officially establishing the In-Season Tournament, will set a limit of required games (65 games are mentioned) to be elected to the All-NBA Team. For example, Kevin Durant with 46 games, Steph Curry with 54, Kawhi Leonard with 50, Giannis Antetokounmpo with 63, and LeBron James with 53 this season, none of them would be eligible for the All-NBA Team.

Below, therefore, is the ranking of the players selected most often in an All-NBA Team, both all-time and among active players.

Which NBA Player has the most All-NBA selections?

The record for selections in the All-NBA Teams is 18 selections and belongs to LeBron James, who has collected 13 selections in the First Team, more than anyone else in history. In addition, the “Chosen One” has seasoned these selections with 3 selections in the Second Team and 2 in the Third Team (the latest in this 2021/22 season).

An incredible fact is the ratio that LeBron has between selections and seasons played: 19 NBA seasons, 18 selections (although he is not the only one to have achieved this).

Below, therefore, is the ranking of the players selected most often in an All-NBA Team.

Players with the Most Selections in the All-NBA Teams

#GiocatoriSelezioni TotaliFirst TeamSecond TeamThird Team
1LeBron James181332
2Kobe Bryant151122
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar151032
Tim Duncan151032
5Karl Malone141121
6Shaquille O’Neal14824
7Bob Cousy121020
Jerry West121020
Dolph Schayes12660
Hakeem Olajuwon12633
Dirk Nowitzki12453
12Michael Jordan111010
Bob Pettit111010
Oscar Robertson11920
Charles Barkley11551
John Havlicek11470
Chris Paul11452
Bill Russell11380
John Stockton11263

Active Players

#GiocatoreSelezioni TotaliFirst TeamSecond TeamThird Team
1LeBron James181332
2Chris Paul11452
3Kevin Durant10640
4Russell Westbrook9252
5Stephen Curry8431
6James Harden7601
7Giannis Antetokounmpo6420
Carmelo Anthony6024
Damian Lillard6141
10LaMarcus Aldridge5023
Blake Griffin5032
Kawhi Leonard5320

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