Damian Lillard: “Always believed in the Blazers, but it’s time to win”

Damian Lillard sends a message to the Blazers in an interview with Stephen A. Smith

Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is sending signals to the Portland Trail Blazers. It’s not the first time, especially in recent days. The veteran reiterates the concept underlined in the last interview of the regular season: it’s time to win.

Is Dame’s patience wearing thin? The impression is that Lillard wants to make sure that Portland decides to truly be competitive, with actions and not just words.

I have always believed that the franchise has done everything to put us in a position to win. I feel that at this point in my career, it’s time to say enough to ‘we tried,’ our priority must be to win. I have never felt as good as I have this season

Damian Lillard

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In his tenth year in the NBA, Lillard, who is 32 years old, begins to feel a certain urgency as well as a notable hunger for victory that does not seem to reconcile with the Blazers’ plans. A desire that could cast doubt on the loyalty shown to the Oregon franchise since 2013.

It’s not a threat. If we can’t be competitive and we can’t think about winning, then the franchise and I will have to make a decision: do we focus on the young players or do we conclude something? I have faith that we will strive to win

Damian Lillard

Another outburst for Lillard, speaking with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, which will make the Trail Blazers reflect on future plans in this off-season.

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