Victor Wembanyama: “I want a ring! Get ready”

Victor Wembanyama, speaking to ESPN, shows that he has a clear vision

Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is destined to follow in the footsteps of David Robinson and Tim Duncan, and the San Antonio Spurs are ready to welcome the French phenomenon after winning the NBA Draft Lottery.

Popovich and the Spurs have had incredible success with international players in the past, especially with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, who owns the French team Wembanyama played for last season.

Not since the days of LeBron James, when he transitioned from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School to the NBA two decades ago, has a player arrived with so much media attention. With his 2.21 meters of height and the ability to shoot like a shooting guard and pass like a playmaker, the nineteen-year-old Wembanyama is expected to have an immediate impact.

My heart is pounding. I have everyone I know, everyone I love around me. It’s a really special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life

Victor Wembanyama

This is the second time the Spurs have won the Lottery, and on the two previous occasions, they selected players who paid off for decades: David Robinson in 1987 and Tim Duncan in 1997. Both were instrumental in the team’s five NBA titles under the guidance of coach Gregg Popovich.

Although NBA teams were asked by the league office not to disclose their choice if they won the lottery, there is no mystery about Wembanyama’s future.

I’m trying to win a ring as soon as possible. So get ready

Victor Wembanyama

Wembanyama was not present at the Lottery due to his playing schedule in France, but many of the other top prospects, such as Scoot Henderson (who will have Steph Curry as a mentor), Brandon Miller, and the Thompson twins, Amen and Ausar, were in the room to see the lottery results and get a better idea of where they might begin their NBA careers.

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