8 Biggest Celebrity Fans of the NBA

Discover the NBA’s legendary celebrity fans as we dive into the glamorous universe of star-studded enthusiasm

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Since the 1970s, the league has attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry. With an abundance of A-listers cheering courtside, let’s take a look at the most noteworthy celebrity basketball enthusiasts in the NBA.

Biggest Celebrity Fans of the NBA

#1 Jack Nicholson

It’s no surprise that Jack Nicholson is at the top of the list when it comes to celebrity fans of the LA Lakers. As a season ticket holder since 1970, he’s been a fixture courtside, often sporting the team’s iconic purple and gold jersey. From the Magic Johnson era to the recent 17th championship under LeBron James, Nicholson has been there to witness some of the team’s biggest moments. If you’re looking for a devoted Lakers supporter, look no further than Jack Nicholson.

#2 Spike Lee

As a die-hard fan, defending your team even during losses is a given. This rings true for renowned New York Knicks supporter, Spike Lee. Despite not seeing his favorite team win a title since 1973, Lee remains one of the franchise’s most passionate supporters. Whether you’re at Madison Square Garden or tuning in at home, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of Lee rooting for his beloved New York Knicks.

#3 E-40

E-40, the BET Award-winning rapper, has been a fan since 1967 when he was born in Northern California. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, he expressed his admiration for basketball legend Rick Barry. E-40 was amazed by Barry’s underhand shooting style, which made him one of the best free-throw shooters of all time.

#4 Barack Obama

As the President of the United States, attending basketball games is a luxury that rarely comes your way. However, his favorite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls. Despite his busy schedule, Obama was often seen playing basketball on the White House court and even expressed his desire to have LeBron James join his beloved Chicago Bulls. In fact, his love for the game was so deep that a whole book called The Audacity of Hoop: Basketball and the Age of Obama was written to explore how basketball played a significant role in Obama’s life.

#5 Jay-Z

Discover the NBA’s biggest fan, Jay-Z, who has been present at some of the league’s most significant events, like Kobe Bryant’s retirement and the NBA Finals. Jay-Z even owned a stake in the Brooklyn Nets, along with the Barclays Center, which is the Nets’ home. Furthermore, he’s known for convincing Kevin Durant to join the Nets in 2019. Jay-Z’s passion for the team runs deep; he once rapped that even if the Nets lost every game of the season, he’d be cheering them on. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jay-Z has been a fan of the team ever since they relocated from New Jersey.

#6 Beyonce

Beyonce, a Houston native, has been a loyal Rockets fan since her childhood. Despite her husband supporting the Brooklyn Nets, Beyonce can often be seen courtside at the Toyota Center cheering on James Harden while rocking Rockets gear. Her love for the team even led her to express interest in buying a stake in the franchise. While no deal was made, she remains one of the Rockets’ biggest supporters.

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#7 Eminem

Look no further than Detroit rapper Eminem if you want to find a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan. Known as a city icon, Eminem has long represented Detroit both in his career and in his residence at the notorious 8 Mile Road. Need to build hype before an NBA game at your new arena? Few could do it better than Eminem. He even showed up to represent the Pistons at the team’s move to Little Caesars Arena and during the 2004 NBA Finals, where the team snagged their most recent championship title.

#8 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, the California rapper, is a die-hard fan of the LA Lakers franchise. He’s an expert on the team and has been present at all their recent big moments in the NBA. Snoop Dogg proudly represents the Lakers in other arenas and even wears their jerseys at his concerts. He’s taken his fandom to the next level by coloring his cars in the team’s signature purple and gold colors and even getting a tattoo to celebrate their 17th NBA title. Don’t mess with Snoop when it comes to the Lakers – he’s not afraid to publicly curse those who dare disrespect his favorite NBA team.


The NBA is home to some of the most passionate celebrity fans in existence. From Jack Nicholson’s long-running loyalty to Jay-Z’s commitment to his local team, these celebrities are all-in when it comes to showing their support for their favorite teams.

Whether you’re a fan yourself or just looking for inspiration, this list proves that being a fan of your team is amazing, especially when they win and you all rejoice together.

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