NBA Summer League 2023: Schedule, How It Works and Where to Watch it

NBA Summer League 2023: Schedule, How It Works, and Where to Watch It. Here’s everything you need to know about the first official games of the new NBA season


The NBA Summer League is a 14-day tournament organized by the NBA, featuring all 30 NBA franchises. It showcases players who have played three years or less in the NBA, in addition to new draft talents.

The tournament will take place between July 3rd and July 17th, in three different cities: Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City.

What is the NBA Summer League?

The NBA Summer League is a summer tournament organized by the National Basketball Association (NBA) that provides an opportunity for young players to showcase their skills and for teams to evaluate emerging talent. It takes place every year in the summer, usually in July or August, after the conclusion of the NBA regular season and playoffs.

All 30 NBA franchises participate, forming teams composed of young players selected in the most recent draft, up-and-coming players, and some players with development contracts from the G League (the NBA’s development league).

The NBA Summer League also attracts the attention of fans and basketball enthusiasts, as it offers a chance to get a glimpse of future NBA talents and closely follow the development journey of young players.

Where is Summer League 2023?

The tournament is held in various locations, but the Las Vegas Summer League is generally considered the most prestigious and followed. Other venues include Sacramento and Salt Lake City, as mentioned earlier.

Summer League Rules

The rules of the NBA Summer League are generally similar to those of the NBA, but there may be some differences. For example, the foul limit may be different (usually 10 fouls instead of 6), and the game duration may vary (usually 40 minutes instead of 48 minutes). These rules may be adjusted to allow young players to get more playing time and experience.

History of the Summer League

The NBA Summer League was established in 2004. The first edition took place in Boston, Massachusetts, with the participation of six teams: Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Indiana Pacers, New Jersey Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Over the years, the tournament has grown in popularity and expanded to involve all NBA franchises, adding additional venues such as Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City. Today, the NBA Summer League has become a highly anticipated summer event for both fans and basketball insiders.

Tournaments NBA Summer League 2023

The NBA has created three different schedules and three separate tournaments that take place over this two-week period.

California ClassicSacramentoJuly 3 & 5Lakers, Heat, Kings, Warriors, Spurs e Hornets
Salt Lake City Summer LeagueSalt Lake CityJuly 3, 5 & 6Grizzlies, 76ers, Thunder e Jazz
NBA 2k24 Summer LeagueLas VegasJuly 7-17All 30 NBA franchises

NBA Summer League 2023 Schedule

The schedule for NBA Summer League 2023 is divided into three windows: the California Classic Summer League (Sacramento), the Salt Lake City Summer League (Salt Lake City), and the NBA 2K24 Summer League (Las Vegas).

California Classic Summer League

• July 3 & 5
• All games played in Sacramento

GameDayDateAwayHomeLocalETNational TV
1Mon7/3/23MiamiL.A. Lakers3:00 PM6:00 PMESPN2
2Mon7/3/23San AntonioCharlotte5:00 PM8:00 PMESPN2
3Mon7/3/23Golden StateSacramento7:00 PM10:00 PMESPN2
4Wed7/5/23Golden StateCharlotte3:00 PM6:00 PMESPN2
5Wed7/5/23San AntonioL.A. Lakers5:00 PM8:00 PMESPN2
6Wed7/5/23MiamiSacramento7:00 PM10:00 PMESPN

Salt Lake City Summer League

• July 3, 5 & 6
• All games played in Salt Lake City

GameDayDateAwayHomeLocalETNational TV
1Mon7/3/23MemphisPhiladelphia5:00 PM7:00 PMNBA TV
2Mon7/3/23Oklahoma CityUtah7:00 PM9:00 PMNBA TV
3Wed7/5/23MemphisOklahoma City5:00 PM7:00 PMNBA TV
4Wed7/5/23PhiladelphiaUtah7:00 PM9:00 PMNBA TV
5Thu7/6/23Oklahoma CityPhiladelphia5:00 PM7:00 PMESPN2
6Thu7/6/23MemphisUtah7:00 PM9:00 PMNBA TV

NBA 2K24 Summer League

• July 7-17
• All games played in Las Vegas

GameDayDateAwayHomeLocalETArenaNational TV
1Fri7/7/23New OrleansMinnesota1:30 PM4:30 PMCOXNBA TV
2Fri7/7/23DenverMilwaukee2:00 PM5:00 PMT&MESPNU
3Fri7/7/23ChicagoToronto3:30 PM6:30 PMCOXNBA TV
4Fri7/7/23PortlandHouston4:00 PM7:00 PMT&MESPN
5Fri7/7/23ClevelandBrooklyn5:30 PM8:30 PMCOXNBA TV
6Fri7/7/23CharlotteSan Antonio6:00 PM9:00 PMT&MESPN
7Fri7/7/23SacramentoAtlanta7:30 PM10:30 PMCOXNBA TV
8Fri7/7/23Golden StateL.A. Lakers8:00 PM11:00 PMT&MESPN

Here is the complete schedule.

How NBA Summer League Works

The rules of the NBA Summer League are generally the same as those of the NBA, with a few exceptions regarding foul limits and game duration. In the Summer League, players are allowed 10 fouls per game, compared to the regular NBA limit of 6 fouls. Additionally, games in the Summer League have a duration of 40 minutes, which is 8 minutes shorter than a standard NBA game.

The NBA has also established specific parameters for the tournament:

  • Each franchise will play at least 5 games, with 4 of them taking place between July 7th and July 14th, resulting in a total of 76 games overall.
  • After the fourth game, the top four teams will participate in the Four-Team Tournament, which will be held on July 16th and 17th.
  • The remaining 28 teams will engage in a consolidation game between July 15th and 16th.

How can I watch NBA Summer League 2023?

NBA Summer League games can be watched in their entirety through the official NBA App (League Pass). Additionally, some games will be broadcasted on Sky Sport NBA. Many national and international sports broadcasters also provide live coverage or highlights of the games.

It’s recommended to check the official NBA website or local sports broadcasters for the most up-to-date information on where to watch the NBA Summer League 2023 in your region.

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