The three ways in which technology is changing the sports betting experience

Technology is changing the sports betting industry by introducing new channels of communication between bookmakers and their customers

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Technology is changing the sports betting industry by introducing new channels of communication between bookmakers and their customers, creating new platforms of distribution and developing innovative and groundbreaking betting markets among others. And at the same time it is transforming the entire betting experience for users by creating novel ways of interaction and promoting in this way bettors’ absolute immersion and engagement. 

All bookmakers, including existing as well as new Italian betting sites, seem to be taking advantage of these changes prompted by technology and they are tapping on the opportunities to optimize their customers’ experience in a number of ways, which actually drive more transformations than meets the eye. 

Traditionally sports betting was all about watching your favorite sport and wagering on your favorite team or athlete to win an upcoming game. Much has changed though since this, more or less, romantic view of sports betting is actually still a reality. 

Of course sports betting remains an act of support and loyalty to people’s favorite sport, but it has also emerged as a means of engaging more with a game, earning some extra income or making a living -that is for the most professional punters- as well as a means of powering up the entire experience of interacting with sports. 

A number of factors have contributed to the changing sports betting landscape, but the most important ones are definitely the advancement of technology and the digital revolution. 

Ever since bookmakers transferred to the online context and online betting was shot right straight to the top of channel priorities of sportsbooks, the whole sports wagering experience has been transformed.

Mobile betting 

Mobile betting has come to revolutionize how punters deal with betting, how they place their wagers as well as how they interact with bookmakers. Every bookmaker now, whether this is a conventional betting site or one of those new Italian betting platforms, invests much in launching mobile applications, destined to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. 

And such needs are most perfectly met when there is personalization, customization and full-tailored interface for interaction, which is made possible with a simple tap on bettors’ mobile device or smartphone. 

Mobile betting enables the adjustment of platforms in ways that  match the exact needs of users, optimizes convenience and speed and allows sportsbooks to develop unique, tailored services marketed to each user.  

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have brought about many changes in several aspects of our lives including how we bet on sports. The sports gambling industry has been at the forefront of adopting the innovative, breakthrough cryptos, creating a whole new segment in the betting market. 

Betting with cryptos sharply transforms punters’ experience: from providing greater security and safety thanks to the blockchain technology to enabling global access to gambling sites (just think that you can be anywhere in the world and yet gamble on a Czech site listed at for instance) and from ensuring privacy and anonymity to making the speed of transactions seamless, everything that has to do with using cryptocurrencies is a whole new approach to betting. 

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

VR, AR, Big Data and AI are at the forefront of the transforming betting experience. 

Virtual Reality is taking punters to a whole new level, where given the opportunity, they can see themselves right in the action, where the game plays out and in the heart of a match. 

Augmented Reality is beginning to unfold its unique properties by making the experience of watching a live game and betting on this game totally integrated. Having graphics on display, statistics, data and records right in front of the screen when you are watching a match, makes knowledge and understanding of the game a far more easy and interesting thing and also it turns betting into a far more engaging activity. 

Big data analytics, which generate patterns and statistically significant correlations by analyzing huge amounts of data can give bettors a more sophisticated approach to wagering, while also improving their edge. 

And finally, Artificial Intelligence is an absolute game changer when it comes to sports betting experience. AI algorithms and systems are now designed to analyze bettors’ behaviors and betting patterns and spot any potential gambling problem, prompting users to check whether they have some kind of addiction or any other dysfunction for that matter. 

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