NBA In-Season Tournament: Favorites to bet on

The 2023 In-Season Tournament has started, and teams have different chances to win. Find out more about lucrative sports betting markets, groups, and odds

NBA In-Season Tournament

The NBA 2023 In-Season Tournament has started with exciting games for quality sports betting. As the tournament gears for its Las Vegas finals, basketball betting enthusiasts seek reliable information to identify favorites and analyze odds.

This is where experts from step in with key insights, focusing not only on basketball betting odds but basketball team analytics to help you make the right bet. As the competition heats up in November, the focus shifts to the top eight teams entering the intense single-game elimination round. Therefore, it’s time to evaluate everyone and choose your favorite.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks enter the In-Season Tournament as strong contenders. After securing their future by extending Giannis Antetokounmpo’s contract, Milwaukee signed Damian Lillard in a blockbuster trade. The dynamic duo enhances the Bucks’ NBA title chances. Yet, bettors should know that “every game matters” is a quintessential sentence for this team. They have 2-8 ATS against under 0.500 teams.

Moreover, Milwaukee is a typical homecourt team, scoring 1-4 on the road. The odds are +850, like the Celtics’. Remember that the new head coach, Adrian Griffin, is still working on efficiently integrating Lillard and Giannis in designing your betting strategy. It could take some time before the duo clicks together, making the Bucks’ form slightly inconsistent during the Group Play.

Boston Celtics

According to basketball betting experts, Boston and Milwaukee are favorites to win the NBA this year. As stated before, both teams have +850 odds in the 2023 tournament. The Celtics’ starting five has solid defensive and offensive potential, capable of getting up and down the floor in both directions. The latest squad addition, Jrue Holiday, adds more depth to the already-stout defense. Moreover, he’s an efficient scorer able to profit from his defender-pressuring skills.

Boston was off to a 2-0 start, flying on Jason Tatum’s wings. His new MVP campaign couldn’t start better. Tatum has 28 points on average, with 4.5 assists and 9.5 rebounds per game. Note that the Celtics’ defense finished fourth last season. With 110.9 points against, it will be difficult to crack in important matches.

Denver Nuggets

After winning the NBA last season, Denver wants to win the NBA in-season tournament, too. The Nuggets have a well-composed team, with Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray playing together for several years. Denver aims to continue riding the wave of success, showing potential and determination in the preseason. However, the competition is fierce. Bettors should consider a spread bet or take over/under chances.

Last season, the Nuggets were 31-26-4, putting them in the NBA’s top half. Denver has +250 odds to win the West and was getting around 20% of all NBA title-winning bets. Also, 38% of the money spent on basketball betting dealt with the Nuggets and their chances. We suggest you bet on Nikola Jokić’s new triple-double with the odds of +160.

Philadelphia 76ers

With a 9-3 overall and 9-3-0 ATS record, the 76ers expect excitement and uncertainty again. Philadelphia depends on one man’s performance. The 2023 league MPV Joel Embiid will be the essential factor and a dominant force. Embiid combines scoring, rebounding, and defensive skills, as the rest of the team brings a cloud of drama.

James Harden challenges the team’s chemistry due to reported trade requests and unhappiness. With that in mind and using NBA betting tips, consider prop bets. Ben Simmons recording a triple-double or Jokić beating Embiid’s 11.5+ rebounds should boost your balance. Also, try betting the number of three-pointers or who will score the first on a given night game.

Golden State Warriors

Depending on the bookmaker, the San Francisco team has +1000 or +1200 odds to win the In-Season tournament. The Warriors lean on Stephen Curry, a superstar able to get hot over a short timeframe. The two-time MVP averaged 30.7 points last season.

He added 5.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists, averaging 44.7% for three points. The Warriors opened the tournament by losing to the Suns. But they got back after beating the Kings. Chris Paul and Klay Thompson were tremendous assets so far. So, bettors should try Curry’s another 30+ game or bet a scoring bonanza.

Phoenix Suns

Expectations went sky-high after the Suns added Kevin Durant to the roster. Paired with Devin Booker now, the two prolific scorers made the Suns one of the league’s most potent backcourts. Phoenix signed Bradley Beal during the offseason, hoping he would light up the scoreboard as a reliable supporting player.

With all that in mind, basketball betting enthusiasts should look for Suns’ future bets. While their In-Season Tournament winning chances stand at +1100, you’ll have bigger winnings if betting on markets. So, placing bets on the Suns winning the Western Conference or Durant becoming an MVP.

Miami Heat

Currently leading the Southeast Division, Miami’s overall record of 8-4 is better than the ATS record of 5-6-1. However, we talk about an injury-slandered team. Tyler Herro’s ankle sprain will leave the Heat without him for 2+ weeks. Knowing that Kyle Lowry and Caleb Martin are also off the court, Miami must focus on Jaime Jaquez Jr.

The exciting rookie plays over 38 minutes, scoring 20+ points throughout the game. After analyzing previous games, experts agree on several profitable Heat betting markets. For example, Bam Adebayo averages 3.5 turnovers – bet on less, where 2.5 brings more cash.

Los Angeles Lakers

With the current odds of +1200, the Lakers sound like an excellent basketball betting balance booster. Recently, they beat Portland, with Christian Wood and Anthony Davis marking their double-doubles. It was a second double-double for Wood, so he’ll continue his incredible production.

Considering different markets, our experts agree on several player prop bet odds. Even though there are younger MVP contenders than LeBron James, his odds are +1900. With the odds of +10000 to win the Rookie of the Year, Jalen Hood-Schifino has yet to have guaranteed minutes. Count on the +1000 odds for Anthony Davis as a Defensive Player of the Year or +3000 for Austin Reaves as the Sixth Man. It’s not worth making, but remember we talked about the Lakers as balance boosters.

Wrapping Up

Who will take the NBA In-season contest? The inaugural annual competition debuted this season, matching all 30 teams for a Championship title. All 67 games count for the regular standings, with the prize pool’s allocations depending on the team’s progress. The tour has significant betting potential, including the MVP and other markets.

The Celtics are the favorites, with the Bucks and the Nuggets only a half-step behind. The teams should win their respective groups, but others are fired up. While never leaving responsible betting out of your sight, watch for slight changes before placing a real-money bet. Injuries, three-pointers, and team chemistry determine the odds. Therefore, consider them all and wager based on informed decisions.

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