NBA, Partnership between Russell Westbrook and NBPA

The point guard and the players’ association are working on a line of shirts with the slogans “excluded” from the League

Russel Westbrook in maglia Rockets

The slogans to be placed on the back of the uniforms have been the focus of numerous discussions in recent weeks. Several players complained about the low number of possibilities to choose from, since the NBA provided, in agreement with the NBPA, a total of 29 written to be included in place of their surname. To remedy the “fracture” created among the most active players on the protests front and this choice of the League, the NBPA is working with Russell Westbrook and his clothing brand to produce shirts with messages that do not fall within the twenty-nine agreed.

The NBA has preferred to remain neutral on the subject, so as you can see from Charania’s tweet, the sentences written on the new shirts will have a harder message and mainly linked to the events that have recently happened in the United States, following the killing of George Floyd.

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