NBA Single Game Assists Record and Leaders

The NBA single game assists Leaders of all-Time. In 1990 a point guard reached the record for assist in a single-game and he made history

Scott Skiles in azione

Which NBA player has the most assists in a game? In this article we will find out the name of the record holder and the complete ranking by number of assists in a single NBA game.

Here, on the other hand, you will find the NBA All-Time Assists Leaders, which is the list of those who have scored the highest number of total assists in their entire career.

NBA Single Game Assists Record

The player with the most assists in an NBA game is Scott Skilies who performed 30 assists in the Orlando Magic-Denver Nuggets game of December 30th, 1990 and finished 155-116.

In the 1990-91 season, thanks to this incredible performance, Scott Skiles won the “NBA Most Improved Player Award”, which was also the high point of his career.

VIDEO: Scott Skiles’ 30 assists

NBA Single Game Assists Leaders

1Scott Skiles301990Orlando Magic
2Kevin Porter291978New Jersey Nets
3Bob Cousy281959Boston Celtics
4Guy Rodgers281963San Francisco Warriors
5John Stockton281991Utah Jazz
6Geoff Huston271982Cleveland Cavaliers
7John Stockton271989Utah Jazz
8John Stockton261988Utah Jazz
9Ernie DiGregorio251974Buffalo Braves
10Kevin Porter251979Detroit Pistons
11Kevin Porter251979Detroit Pistons
12Isiah Thomas251985Detroit Pistons
13Nate McMillan251987Seattle SuperSonics
14Kevin Johnson251994Phoenix Suns
15Jason Kidd251996Dallas Mavericks
16Rajon Rondo252017New Orleans Pelicans
17Guy Rodgers241966Chicago Bulls
18Kevin Porter241980Washington Bullets
19John Lucas241984San Antonio Spurs
20Earvin “Magic” Johnson241984Los Angeles Lakers
21Isiah Thomas241985Detroit Pistons
22John Stockton241988Utah Jazz
23John Stockton241989Utah Jazz
24Earvin “Magic” Johnson241989Los Angeles Lakers
25Earvin “Magic” Johnson241990Los Angeles Lakers
26Ramon Sessions242008Milwaukee Bucks
27Rajon Rondo242010Boston Celtics
28Russell Westbrook242019Oklahoma City Thunder
29Jerry West231967Los Angeles Lakers
30Kevin Porter231978Detroit Pistons
31Kevin Porter231979Detroit Pistons
32Nate “Tiny” Archibald*231982Boston Celtics
33Earvin “Magic” Johnson231984Los Angeles Lakers
34Earvin “Magic” Johnson231985Los Angeles Lakers
35Earvin “Magic” Johnson231988Los Angeles Lakers
36Lafayette “Fat” Lever231989Denver Nuggets
37John Stockton231990Utah Jazz
38John Stockton231990Utah Jazz
39John Stockton231991Utah Jazz
40John Stockton231992Utah Jazz
41Daron “Mookie” Blaylock231993Atlanta Hawks
42John Stockton231996Utah Jazz
43Nick Van Exel231997Los Angeles Lakers
44Jamaal Tinsley232001Indiana Pacers
45Steve Nash232007Phoenix Suns
46Rajon Rondo232011Boston Celtics

Active players

Where do NBA players who are still active in 2023 stand? It has been really difficult to approach this incredible record in the last 20 years.

Here are the personal records of the players still active.

  • Rajon Rondo: 25
  • Russell Westbrook: 24
  • Chris Paul: 21
  • James Harden: 20
  • Reggie Jackson: 20
  • Fred VanVleet: 20

The last one to register 20 assists in a game was Fred VanVleet, who finished his game with a double-double of 20 points and 20 assists against the Hornets on April 3, 2023. We eagerly await the next player to reach the minimum threshold to become a legend.

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