NBA All-Time Scoring Leaders

The All-Time NBA scoring leaders. Check out the NBA all time scoring list and who holds the record for most points in career

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Lakers

In the 2020/21 season LeBron James continues to pursue the career record for most points in NBA. The King has the opportunity to keep chasing first place in the NBA All Time Scoring List.

Most Points in NBA history

The NBA all time scorer is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who scored 38,387 points in 20 seasons, remaining solidly in first place in this special ranking.

The main threat to the record come from LeBron James, who is on the third step of the podium, only 4 thousand points behind the first position.

In his career, LeBron has maintained an average of 27.1 points per game (confirmed also in 2020/21 with 25.4 points per game). Assuming that he can realistically play at the highest level for 3 more seasons, he would only need 65 games per season with an average of 23.0 points to overcome Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Certainly challenging hypothesis, but LeBron has accustomed us to true legendary standards.

So here is the NBA all time scoring leaders updated in April 2021, considering only the Regular Season.

NBA All Time Scoring List

RankPlayerPointsGamesPoints per game
1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar38.3871.56024,61
2Karl Malone36.9281.47625,02
3LeBron James35.3671.31027,00
4Kobe Bryant33.6431.34625,00
5Michael Jordan32.2921.07230,12
6Dirk Nowitzki31.5601.52220,74
7Wilt Chamberlain31.4191.04530,07
8Shaquille O’Neal28.5961.20723,69
9Moses Malone27.4091.32920,62
10Carmelo Anthony27.3701.19122,98
10Elvin Hayes27.3131.30320,96
12Hakeem Olajuwon26.9461.23821,77
13Oscar Robertson26.7101.04025,68
14Dominique Wilkins26.6681.07424,83
15Tim Duncan26.4961.39219,03
16Paul Pierce26.3971.34319,66
17John Havlicek26.3951.27020,78
18Kevin Garnett26.0711.46217,83
19Vince Carter25.7281.54116,70
20Alex English25.6131.19321,47
21Reggie Miller25.2791.38918,20
22Jerry West25.19293227,03
23Patrick Ewing24.8151.18320,98
24Ray Allen24.5051.30018,65
25Allen Iverson24.36891426,66
26Kevin Durant23.88388427,02
27Charles Barkley23.7571.07322,14
28Robert Parish23.3341.61114,48
29Adrian Dantley23.17795524,27
30Dwyane Wade23.1651.05421,98
31Elgin Baylor23.14984627,36
32Clyde Drexler22.1951.08620,44
33James Harden22.04587725,14
34Russell Westbrook21.85794323,19
35Gary Payton21.8131.33516,34
36Larry Bird21.79189724,29
37Hal Greer21.5861.12219,24
38Walt Bellamy20.9411.04320,08
39Pau Gasol20.8941.22617,04
40Bob Pettit20.88079226,36
41David Robinson20.79098721,06
42George Gervin20.70879126,18
43Mitch Richmond20.49797621,00
44Joe Johnson20.4051.27615,99
45Tom Chambers20.0491.10718,11
46Antawn Jamison20.0421.08318,51
47Chris Paul19.9781.09018,33
48LaMarcus Aldridge19.9511.02919,40
49John Stockton19.7111.50413,11
50Bernard King19.65587422,49
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