Shortest NBA Players of All Time

The shortest NBA player ever is… Check out the ranking of the 20 shortest NBA players in history

Classifica dei Giocatori NBA piu bassi di sempre

Basketball is the prerogative of tall players, for obvious reasons. Despite this, many players of small stature have had great success, even entering the Hall of Fame.

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The Shortest NBA player of all time

The shortest player in NBA history is Muggsy Bouges, who is only 1.60m tall.

Tyrone Curtis Bouges was referred to as “Muggsy” by his playmates due to his birthplace, Maryland. He was also exceptionally good at defending: his agility and speed made everyone agree in affirming his skill in attacking the opponent (“mugging”).

He played at the highest levels from 1987 to 2001, totaling 889 games played, most of which with the Charlotte Hornets with whom he played from 1988 to 1997. He closed his career at 36 years old with an average of 7.7 points and 7.6 assists per game.

List of NBA Shortest Players

RankPlayersHeight (m)Weight (kg)Games
1Muggsy Bogues1,6062889
2Earl Boykins1,6561652
3Spud Webb1,6860814
4Mel Hirsch1,687513
5Greg Grant1,7064274
6Keith Jennings1,7073164
7Herm Klotz1,706811
8Wataru Misaka1,70683
9Monte Towe1,706851
10Charlie Criss1,7375418
11Dino Martin1,737392
12Willie Somerset1,73778
13Howie Carl1,757331
14Charlie Hoefer1,757265
15Lionel Malamed1,756844
16Ed Melvin1,757757
17Calvin Murphy1,75751.002
18Angelo Musi1,7566161
19Ralph O’Brien1,7573119
20Nate Robinson1,7582574
21Gene Rock1,757011
22Yuta Tabuse1,75754
23Isaiah Thomas1,7584525
24Kay Felder1,757958

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