NBA All-Time Rebound Leaders

Discover the NBA all time rebound leaders and which player holds the record for most rebounds in NBA history and single game

Wilt Chamberlain

The most complete article to satisfy your desire for NBA rebounding numbers. Here we show all the NBA records and leaders for rebounds: all-time leaders, single game, single season and active players.

Most Rebounds in NBA history

The player who holds the NBA record for rebounds is Wilt Chamberlain with 23,924 rebounds in his 15-year career.

Wilt Chamberlain is considered one of the best players in history and one of the best rebounders ever as he holds the record in all the rankings dedicated to rebounds:

Career Rebounds Wilt Chamberlain23.924
Rebounds in a single game Wilt Chamberlain55
Rebounds in a single season Wilt Chamberlain2.149
Rebounds per game Wilt Chamberlain22,89

NBA All-Time Rebounds Leaders

RankPlayerReboundsGamesRebounds per Game
1Wilt Chamberlain23.9241.04522,90
2Bill Russell21.62096322,50
3Kareem Abdul-Jabbar17.4401.56011,20
4Elvin Hayes16.2791.30312,50
5Moses Malone16.2121.32912,20
6Tim Duncan15.0911.39210,80
7Karl Malone14.9681.47610,10
8Robert Parish14.7151.6119,10
9Kevin Garnett14.6621.46210,00
10Nate Thurmond14.46496415,00
11Walt Bellamy14.2411.04313,70
12Wes Unseld13.76998414,00
13Hakeem Olajuwon13.7481.23811,10
14Dwight Howard13.7181.11812,30
15Shaquille O’Neal13.0991.20710,90
16Buck Williams13.0171.30710,00
17Jerry Lucas12.94282915,60
18Bob Pettit12.84979216,20
19Charles Barkley12.5461.07311,70
20Dikembe Mutombo12.3591.19610,30

Most Rebounds in NBA Game

The record for rebounds belongs to Wilt Chamberlain who performed 55 rebounds in 1960 during a game against Boston Celtics.

NBA Single Game Rebounds Leaders

1Wilt ChamberlainPHI196055
2Bill RussellBOS196051
3Bill RussellBOS195749
4Bill RussellBOS196549
5Wilt ChamberlainPHI196045
6Wilt ChamberlainPHI196145
7Wilt ChamberlainPHI195943
8Wilt ChamberlainPHI196143
9Bill RussellBOS196343
10Wilt ChamberlainPHI196543

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