NBA All-Time Longest Shots

Which is the record for the longest shot in the NBA? Check out the complete ranking of all-time long distance shots

vince carter long shot

The length of the NBA court is 94 feet. So what is the longest successful shot in NBA history? Here is the all-time leaders for long distance shots.

What is the longest shot in NBA history?

The longest shot is 89 feet, made by Baron Davis in 2001 with the Charlotte Hornets.

In the match against the Milwaukee Bucks, Baron Davies attempted this legendary long-range shot just 0.7 seconds from the end of the third quarter, as a defender marked him closely.

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After him, many players tried the assault on the record. The most recent attempt belongs to LeBron James who performed a successful 83 feet shot in 2007 playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NBA Longest Shots Leaders

1Baron Davis2001Charlotte HornetsMilwaukee Bucks89 feet
2Norm Van Lier1977Chicago BullsSan Antonio Spurs84 feet
3LeBron James2007Cleveland CavaliersBoston Celtics83 feet
4Vince Carter2016Memphis GrizzliesMinnesota Timberwolves82 feet
5Herb Williams1986Indiana PacersSacramento Kings81 feet
6Magic Johnson1987Los Angeles LakersDenver Nuggets80 feet
7Zoran Planinic2005New Jersey NetsUtah Jazz77 feet

Jae Crowder attempt

The longest shot ever could have belonged to Jae Crowder. In 2015 he shot the end line with a shot of 95 feet with the aim of serving a teammate. But since no one touched the ball, the shot was not valid.

Longest sitting basketball shot

The Guinness World Record for the longest shot while sitting down is 86 feet and it was performed by Vince Carter.

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