NBA Salaries, the Highest Paid Players for 2020/21

Who is the highest paid NBA player 2020? Who has the highest salary? A complete journey in the NBA Player Salaries world

Stephen Curry che sorride

NBA players are often part of the club of the highest paid sports figures worldwide. Today we want to show you the richest NBA salaries and who are the highest paid NBA players in the 2020/2021 season, considering the players contracts.

The Highest Paid NBA Player in 2020/21

The highest paid NBA player is Stephen Curry who will earn 43 million dollar in salary in 2020/21. Steph thanks to the super deal he signed in 2017 with Golden State Warriors, is the highest paid player in the NBA and his contract is the highest in NBA history.

Curry esulta dopo l'ennesima tripla

In this special ranking, LeBron James is only the number 5 on the list and the first one outside the club of the 40 million, which is composed by Curry, Westbrook, Chris Paul, John Wall and James Harden.

But The King is top of the class when it comes to total earnings. Infact, including sponsor contracts, LeBron James is the highest paid player in the NBA with $ 94.2 million in 2020/21.

NBA Salary Ranking

1Stephen CurryGSW$43,006,362$45,780,966
2Russell WestbrookWAS$41,358,814$44,211,146$47,063,478
3Chris PaulPHO$41,358,814$44,211,146
4John WallHOU$41,254,920$44,310,840$47,366,760
5James HardenBRK$40,824,000$43,848,000$46,872,000
6LeBron JamesLAL$39,219,565$41,180,544$44,474,988
7Kevin DurantBRK$39,058,950$40,918,900$42,778,850
8Blake GriffinDET$36,595,996$38,957,028
9Paul GeorgeLAC$35,450,412$39,344,970$42,492,568
10Klay ThompsonGSW$35,361,360$37,980,720$40,600,080
11Mike ConleyUTA$34,504,132
12Jimmy ButlerMIA$34,379,100$36,016,200$37,653,300
13Kemba WalkerBOS$34,379,100$36,016,200$37,653,300
14Kawhi LeonardLAC$34,379,100$36,016,200
15Tobias HarrisPHI$33,517,241$36,000,000$38,482,759
16Kyrie IrvingBRK$33,329,100$34,916,200$36,503,300
17Khris MiddletonMIL$33,051,724$35,500,000$37,948,276
18Anthony DavisLAL$32,742,000$35,361,360$37,980,720
19Damian LillardPOR$31,626,953$43,750,000$47,250,000
20Kevin LoveCLE$31,300,000$31,300,000$28,900,000

NBA Average Salary

According to Basketball-Reference, the average player salary for 2020/21 season is $8.2 million. This shows how professional basketball players can amass small fortunes if they manage to stay on the main stage for many years.

NBA Minimum Salary

In the NBA a player’s minimum salary depends on how many years of experience he has in the league, that’s why many veterans earn a loto more than talented rookies. Below the full list of mimunim salaries:

Years of ExperienceMinimum Salary

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