The 5 best NBA Slam Dunk Contests of All Time

With the All Star Game just around the corner, we retrace the five best Salm Dunk Contests in the All Star Weekend history

Aaron Gordon All Star Game

The Slam Dunk Contest is one of the funniest moments of the All Star Weekend. Choosing five in particular was not easy and the ranking will follow a scattered order, so spectacular are the plays on display. Good vision!

The Best Slam Dunk Contests of All-Star Game history

5. KryptoNate vs Superman (2009)

Nate Robinson holds the record for Slam Dunk Contest won, three, all against giants and absolute top of the category.

In 2009 he faced “Superman” Dwight Howard, who decided to support him for the final dunk. Red cape with S for Dwight, green suit for Nate: the rest is history.

4. Michael Jordan’s Skywalk (1988)

Year 1988, two sacred monsters of the dunk in comparison: it is Michael Jordan versus Dominique Wilkins, winner of the contest in 1985. The challenge is a rematch of the previous year when it was MJ the final winner.

The challenge is thrilling and always with incredible dunks. So MJ to takes a run-up from the baseline, jumped from the free throw line and…

3. “Superman” Dwight Howard (2008)

Before Kryptonite obviously comes Superman, personified in Dwight Howard in the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest. The participants are great dunkers, Gerald Green above all.

This year, however, things are different, Howard he has no intention of losing the challenge. From the hands of a cheerleader a red cape emerges, Jameer Nelson helps Dwight to put it on and raises him an alley oop: it’s only the second dunk but the history is already written.

2. Lavine vs Gordon

Guys, we are talking about one of the most spectacular dunk contest ever. The All Star Zach Lavine has always been a high-flyer of rare beauty and everything can be said about Aaron Gordon except that he can’t dunk.

Enjoy the show.

1. Vinsanity (2000)

Half-Man-Half-Amazing enchanted Oakland with one of the cleanest and most memorable performances in the Slam Dunk Contest history.

He made the dunk a for of art even in normal games. Enjoy this show and be amazed.

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