Blake Griffin Salary and Career Earnings

How much does Blake Griffin make a year? Check out the Blake Griffin salary, contract and total career earnings

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is officially headed to the Brooklyn Nets, but the trade will greatly change his future earnings.

According to the latest rumors, Griffin will join the Nets with a minimum contract after accepting a buyout with the Detroit Pistons, which cost him about $ 13.3 million.

Blake Griffin arrives at this new step in his career after 12 years of experience in which he played for the Clippers first and then for the Pistons. In 20 games for the Pistons this season, he has averaged 12.3 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.9 assists.

Blake Griffin salary 2021

Blake Griffin’s salary in 2020/21 will be $ 35.7 million.

The deal with the Pistons, in fact, was a $ 75 million contract between this and the next 2021-22 season. By accepting the buyout, therefore, he will receive only a part of this money: the 35.7 million indicated above is in fact the sum of the $ 34.5 million payed by the Pistons and the $ 1.2 million payed by the Nets.

Now he will join the super team of Harden, Irving and Durant but, as for his financial future, nothing is written yet. Griffin will in fact enter free agency in the 2021/22 season and, if he wants to stay in Brooklyn, he will have to accept a pay cut as the Nets, having passed the Luxury Tax, will not be able to offer him more than $ 5.9 million.

Griffin in azione coi Pistons

Career Earnings

Looking at the current season, Griffin amassed $ 226 million in career earnings during his 12 years in the NBA, and he will end his story in Detroit earning $ 112.6 million with the Pistons.

2009-10Los Angeles Clippers$4,983,430
2010-11Los Angeles Clippers$5,357,280
2011-12Los Angeles Clippers$4,612,820
2012-13Los Angeles Clippers$7,226,892
2013-14Los Angeles Clippers$16,441,500
2014-15Los Angeles Clippers$17,674,613
2015-16Los Angeles Clippers$18,907,725
2016-17Los Angeles Clippers$20,140,838
2017-18Detroit Pistons$12,005,247
2017-18Los Angeles Clippers$17,507,653
2018-19Detroit Pistons$31,873,932
2019-20Detroit Pistons$34,234,964
2020-21Detroit Pistons$34,442,873
2020-21Brooklyn Nets$1,229,676

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