NBA Playoff Leaders and Records for Blocks

All records in one article: total and per single game blocks. Here you are the best shot-blockers in NBA Playoffs history.

Tim Duncan

Who are the best shot-blockers in Playoffs history? In this article we will satisfy your curiosity about this extraordinary athletic gesture, a perfect combination of strenght and athleticism.

NBA Playoff Record for Blocks

The record of 568 blocks belongs to Tim Duncan, the heart and soul of San Antonio Spurs from 1997 to 2016. He is one of the most loyal NBA players ever (with 2.3 blocks per game).

If we take into account the average per game, the king of the blocks is Hakeem Olajuwon who, in 145 games, has recorded 472 blocks (3.3 per game), placing himself in the third place of this special ranking.

Among active players, in eighth place we find the Los Angeles Clippers center, Serge Ibaka. With 289 blocks in 144 games, he is the best active shot-blocker.

NBA Playoff Blocks Ranking

1Tim Duncan5682512.3
2Kareem Abdul-Jabbar4761962.4
3Hakeem Olajuwon4721453.3
4Shaquille O’Neal4592162.1
5David Robinson3121232.1
6Robert Parish3091841.7
7Patrick Ewing3031392.2
8Serge Ibaka2891442.01
9Kevin McHale2811691.7
10Dikembe Mutombo2511012.5
11Ben Wallace2501301.9
LeBron James2502600.96
13Dwight Howard2421132.1
14Julius Erving2391411.7
15Pau Gasol2331361.7
16Rasheed Wallace2251771.3
Robert Horry2252440.9
18Caldwell Jones2231191.9
19Elvin Hayes222852.6
20Alonzo Mourning215952.3
21Mark Eaton210742.8
22Kevin Garnett1861431.3
23Scottie Pippen1852080.9
24Draymond Green1801231.5
25Dwyane Wade1751770.98
Active players in bold

NBA Playoff Record for Blocks in a single game

The 10 blocks record in a single game is contested by three players: Mark Eaton, Hakeem Olajuwon and, in 2012, Andrew Bynum.

1Andrew Bynum102012Los Angeles Lakers
Hakeem Olajuwon101990Houston Rockets
Mark Eaton101985Utah Jazz
4Roy Hibbert92012Indiana Pacers
Serge Ibaka92011Oklahoma City Thunder
Dwight Howard92020Orlando Magic
Dwight Howard92009Orlando Magic
Tim Duncan92007San Antonio Spurs
Alonzo Mourning92000Miami Heat
Greg Ostertag91997Utah Jazz
Derrick Coleman91993New Jersey Jets
Hakeem Olakuwon91993Houston Rockets
Manute Bol91986Washington Bullets
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar91977Los Angeles Lakers
15Dwight Howard82008Orlando Magic
Shaquille O’Neal82004Los Angeles Lakers
Tim Duncan82003San Antonio Spurs
Shaquille O’Neal82001Los Angeles Lakers
Samaki Walker82000San Antonio Spurs
Shaquille O’Neal81998Los Angeles Lakers
Patrick Ewing81994New York Knicks
Dikembe Mutombo81994Denver Nuggets
Dikembe Mutombo81994Denver Nuggets
Dikembe Mutombo81994Denver Nuggets
Hakeem Olajuwon81993Houston Rockets
Active player in bold

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