NBA Career Leaders and Records for Total Rebounds

The all-time rebounding leaderbord and a single game record. Find out who’s the best rebounder in Playoff history

Bill Russell

Shaq, Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell? Who was the best rebounders in NBA Playoff history? Here is the ranking that will remove all the doubts and satisfy your curiosity.

Playoff Record for Total Rebounds

The record of 4104 rebounds belongs to Bill Russell, the heart and soul of Boston Celtics. The ex #6 managed to leave behind basketball legends the same calibre as Wilt Chamberlain, rebounds’ leader in Regular Season.

The legendary Celtics player is one of the few who ended his career playing with the same franchise, Boston Celtics, for 13 seasons from 1956 to 1969. He is the winningest player in NBA history.

Among the active players, the leader is LeBron James with 2348 rebounds (sixth all time). He precedes of nearly 1000 rebounds Dwight Howard, with 1398 rebounds.

NBA Playoff Rebounds Ranking

1Bill Russell410416524.9
2Wilt Chamberlain391316024.5
3Tim Duncan285925111.4
4Shaquille O’Neal250821611.6
5Kareem Abdul-Jabbar248123710.5
6LeBron James23482609
7Karl Malone206219310.7
8Wes Unseld177711914.9
9Robert Parish17651849.6
10Elgin Baylor172413412.9
11Larry Bird168316410.3
12Dennis Rodman16761699.9
13Hakeem Olajuwon162114511.2
14Scottie Pippen15832087.6
15Charles Barkley158212312.9
16Kevin Garnett153414310.7
17Paul Silas15271639.4
18Magic Johnson14651907.7
19Horace Grant14571708.6
20Ben Wallace145412011.2
21Dirk Nowitzki14461459.9
22Charles Oakley144514410.1
23Patrick Ewing143512910.3
24Dwight Howard139811312.4
25Robert Horry13612445.6
Active players in bold

NBA Playoff Rebounds Record in a Single Game

The leader, with 41 rebounds in a single Playoff game, is Wilt Chamberlain.

In 1967, Chamberlain, at the time a Philadelphia 76ers player, registered 41 rebounds in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics.

Since 2000, the best performance has been registered by Giannis Antetokoumpo. In May 2019, he had 20 rebounds with his team, Milwaukee Bucks, against the eventual NBA champions Toronto Raptors.

In that game, Antetokoumpo tied the record belonging to Tim Duncan first and Kevin Garnett then.

NBA Playoff Single Game Rebounds Ranking

1Wilt Chamberlain411967Philadeplhia 76ers
2Bill Russell401958Boston Celtics
Bill Russell401960Boston Celtics
Bill Russell401962Boston Celtics
5Bill Russell391960Boston Celtics
Bill Russell391961Boston Celtics
Wilt Chamberlain391965Philadelphia 76ers
8Bill Russell381961Boston Celtics
Bill Russell381963Boston Celtics
Wilt Chamberlain381964San Francisco Warriors
Wilt Chamberlain381967Philadelphia 76ers
11Wilt Chamberlain371960Philadelphia Warriors
Wilt Chamberlain371965Philadelphia 76ers
13Wilt Chamberlain361967Philadelphia 76ers
Willis Reed361970New York Knicks
Bill Bridges361971Atlanta Hawks
16Wilt Chamberlain351960Philadelphia Warriors
Bill Russell351960Boston Celtics
Wilt Chamberlain351962Philadelphia Warriors
Bill Russell351964Boston Celtics
20Wilt Chamberlain341965Philadelphia 76ers
Wilt Chamberlain341966Philadelphia 76ers
Bill Russell341968Boston Celtics
Wilt Chamberlain341968Philadelphia 76ers
Wes Unseld341970Baltimore Bullets

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