NBA Playoff Leaders and Records for Minutes Played

Who holds the record for minutes played in the NBA Playoffs? Here is the minute standings played all time

LeBron James

The data on minutes played says a lot about the career of each individual player, their longevity and their importance and impact in the history of the Playoffs.

After the ranking of minutes played in the NBA Regular Season, here is the one for the NBA Playoffs, with only one active player in the top-25.

Who has played the most minutes in the NBA Playoffs?

The record for minutes played in the NBA Playoffs is 11,069 minutes and belongs to LeBron James, the result of 266 games played between Cavs, Heat and Lakers, which also puts him at the top of the ranking of games played in the NBA Playoffs.

These dizzying numbers are the result of an incredible physical consistency of performance. At 37 years old, LeBron doesn’t seem to feel the weight of age and, most likely, these statistics will be improved in the future as number 23 doesn’t seem to show any signs of surrender.

Let’s find out who is behind the Kid from Akron. (last update: April 17, 2023)

NBA Playoff Minutes Played Leaders

1LeBron James11,069
2Tim Duncan9,370
3Kareem Abduol-Jabbar8,851
4Kobe Bryant8,641
5Scottie Pippen8,105
6Shaquille O’Neal8,098
7Karl Malone7,907
8Tony Parker7,758
9Wilt Chamberlain7,559
10Magic Johnson7,538
11Bill Russell7,497
12Michael Jordan7,474
13Dennis Johnson6,994
14Larry Bird6,886
15John Havlicek6,860
16Derek Fisher6,856
17Robert Horry6,823
18Dwyane Wade6,697
19John Stockton6,398
20Jerry West6,321
21Kevin Durant6,304
22Paul Pierce6,229
23Robert Parish6,177
24Horace Grant6,172
25Jason Kidd6,088

Active Players’ Leaders

1LeBron James11,069
2Kevin Durant6,304
3Klay Thompson5,399
4James Harden5,359
5Andre Iguodala5,266
6Chris Paul5,231
7Al Hordford5,141
8Draymond Green5,113
9Stephen Curry5,036
10Kawhi Leonard4,832

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