NBA Playoff Leaders and Records for Free Throws

Which player holds the record for free throws in the NBA Playoffs? Check it out the best shooter ranking

LeBron James prima di tirare un libero

As we have seen in several games, the free throw is a technical gesture that can make the difference during a match: teams that have to recover a minimal disadvantage commit a foul hoping that the opposite player misses the free throws.

So many NBA champions, a few of them pluri-titled, don’t have a great feeling from the foul line, as evidenced by the best free shooters ranking in NBA Playoff history.

NBA Playoff Free Throws Leader

The record belongs to LeBron James, with 1735 free throws. However, he doesn’t have a very good scoring percentage (74,1%), far lower than 95% of the leader, Gordon Hayward.

#23 places himself on top of NBA Playoff attempted free throws ranking with 2341 shots from the foul line.

Other special records linked to free throws in NBA Playoff:

  • Free throws scored consecutively: 24, Dirk Nowitzki (2011);
  • Free throws scored in a single game: 30, Bob Cousy (1953);
  • Free throws attempted in a single game: 39, Shaquille O’Neal (2000);
  • Free throws scored in a quarter: 13, Magic Johnson (1991);
  • Free throws scored in a half: 19, Magic Johnson (1991).

NBA Playoff Free Throws Ranking

#PlayerFree throws scoredFree throws attemptedPercentage
1LeBron James1,7352,34174,1%
2Michael Jordan1,4631,76682,8%
3Kobe Bryant1,3201,61781,6%
4Karl Malone1,2691,72573,6%
5Tim Duncan1,2171,76668,9%
6Jerry West1,2131,50680,5%
7Shaquille O’Neal1,1682,31750,4%
8Dirk Nowitzki1,0741,20489,2%
9Magic Johnson1,0681,27483,8%
10Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1,0501,41974,0%
11Kevin Durant1,0131,17286,4%
12Dwyane Wade9511,22078,0%
13Larry Bird9011,01289,0%
14James Harden8881,02686,5%
15John Havlicek8741,04683,6%
16Paul Pierce8601,03683,0%
17Elgin Baylor8471,10176,9%
18Manu Ginobili8181,00181,7%
19Chauncey Billups78589288,0%
20Scottie Pippen7721,06772,4%
21Reggie Miller77086289,3%
22Kevin McHale76697278,8%
23Wilt Chamberlain7571,62746,5%
24Dennis Johnson75694380,2%
25Charles Barkley7511,04871,7%
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NBA Playoff Best Free Throws Percentage

1Gordon Hayward95,0%
2Mark Price94,4%
3Calvin Murphy93,2%
4Bill Sharman91,1%
5Kiki Vandeweghe90,7%
6Hersey Hawkins90,7%
7Stephen Curry90,6%
8Peja Stojakovic90,0%
Steve Nash90,0%
Jamal Murray90,0%
11Kyle Korver89,5%
12Reggie Miller89,3%
13Dirk Nowitzki89,2%
14Larry Bird89,0%
15Brandon Bass89,02%
16Vince Boryla88,9%
17Jeff Hornacek88,6%
18Allan Houston88,5%
19Ray Allen88,4%
20Wally Szczerbiak88,2%
21Donovan Mithcell88,1%
22Chauncey Billups88,0%
Bobby Wanzer88,0%
Ron Boone88,0%
25J.J. Redick87,9%
Damian Lillard87,9%
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