NBA Playoff, Largest Margins of Victory

Which were the matches with the largest gap recorded? Here you are the list!

What is a blowout? In NBA and in sport in general, a blowout occurs when a team overcomes the opponent by a wide margin, forcing the opponents to give up early the chance to close the gap.

Let’s find out together which are the matches with the largest margins.

NBA Playoff Biggest Blowouts

Throughout the history of the NBA Playoffs, two were the most overwhelming victory, both ended up with a 58 points margin between the two franchises: the first one was Minneapolis Lakers v. St. Louis Hawks, ended 133-75 for Minneapolis.

The second one occurred in 2009: it was the first round of the Western Conference, the New Orleans Hornets confront the Denver Nuggets, who won 121 to 63.

The Nuggets also won Game-5 and got the pass for the Conference Semifinals; thanks to Carmelo Anthony‘s excellent performance, they defeated the Dallas Mavericks, but they could do nothing against Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers, eventual NBA champions.

The most recent game in this special list is 2020 match between Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks, which ended 154 to 111 for the “City of Angels” franchise.

NBA Playoff Biggest Blowouts List

1New Orleans Hornets – Denver Nuggets5863-12127 April 2009
Minneapolis Lakers – St. Louis Hawks58133-7519 March 1956
3Golden State Warriors – Los Angeles Lakers5670-12621 April 1973
4Milwaukee Bucks – Chicago Bulls5466-12030 April 2015
5Milwaukee Bucks – San Francisco Warriors50136-864 April 1972
6Orlando Magic – Boston Celtics47124-7728 April 1995
Los Angeles Lakers – San Antonio Spurs47135-8817 April 1986
8Boston Celtics – Cleveland Cavaliers4486-13019 May 2017
Seattle Supersonics – Phoenix Suns44122-7827 April 1997
Los Angeles Lakers – Denver Nuggets44153-10922 May 1985
Detroit Pistons – St- Louis Hawks44101-14525 March 1958
12Los Angeles Clippers – Dallas Mavericks43154-11125 August 2020
Orlando Magic – Atlanta Hawks43114-714 May 2010
Detroit Pistons – Washington Bullets43128-8526 April 1987
Los Angeles Lakers – Dallas Mavericks43134-9128 April 1984
16Chicago Bulls – Utah Jazz4286-547 June 1998
17Golden State Warriors – Houston Rockets41126-8520 May 2018
Chicago Bulls – New York Knicks41126-8525 April 1991
19Los Angeles Clippers – Golden State Warriors40138-9821 April 2014
Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets40118-7812 May 2009
Dallas Mavericks – Houston Rockets40116-7612 May 2009
San Antonio Spurs – Denver NUggets40145-1054 May 1983
Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers40121-819 May 1982
Philadelphia 76ers – New York Knicks40130-9016 April 1978
San Francisco Warriors4078-1185 April 1960

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