NBA Playoff, Leaders and Records for Steals

Who holds the record for the most steals in NBA Playoff? If you want to figure it out, you’re in the right place!

LeBron James

As for the Regular Season, the record of steals during the Playoff is unbeatable. Let’s find out who holds the record for the most steals in NBA Playoff and what is the All-Time ranking.

NBA Playoff Records for Steals

It belongs to Lebron James, with 445 steals.

If there was a bar called “NBA Records”, LeBron would be a regular. As a matter of fact, LBJ holds a countless amount of records, such as the ones for points scored or for games played.

Record for Steals in a single NBA Playoff Game

It belongs to Allen Iverson, with 10 steals.

It was recorded in 1999 Playoff, in Game-3 of the first round. The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Orlando Magic, by the score of 97 to 85.

Al contributed to the victory with 33 points, 5 assists and 5 rebounds, in addition to the aforementioned 10 steals.

Allen Iverson

NBA Playoff Leaderboard for Steals

1LeBron James*454
2Scottie Pippen395
3Michael Jordan376
4Magic Johnson358
5John Stockton338
6Kobe Bryant310
7Jason Kidd302
8Larry Bird296
9Maurice Cheeks295
10Manu Ginobili292
11Clyde Drexler278
12Robert Horry276
13Dwayne Wade273
14Derek Fisher272
15Karl Malone258
16Dennis Johnson247
17Hakeem Olajuwon245
18Chris Paul*240
19Julius Erving235
20Isiah Thomas234
* Active players in bold

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