NBA Playoff, All-Time Triple Doubles Leaders

Who holds the Triple Doubles record in NBA Playoff? Check it out!

Magic Johnson

In recent seasons, recording a triple double seems almost normal and, sometimes, it is taken for granted: ask Westbrook for further information.

However, such a performance never cease to amaze us. Let’s check who is the leader and the All-Time ranking for Triple Doubles in NBA Playoff history.

NBA Playoff Triple Doubles Record

The record belongs to Magic Johnson, with 30 Triple Doubles.

The greatest point guard of all time created a show on the floor (his Lakers are remembered as Lakeshow not by chance) and he was able to win 5 championships with the purple-and-yellow franchise.

The “no-look” father achieved this success also thanks to the 30 Triple Doubles scored during the Playoff, a more unique event at that time.

Active Players

Among active players, the record belongs to LeBron James with 28 Triple Doubles.

If things go as they should, there is no doubt that LBJ can beat this record too.

LeBron James sorride durante una pausa di gioco coi Lakers
LeBron James sorride durante una pausa di gioco coi Lakers

NBA Playoff Triple Doubles Ranking

#PlayerTriple doubles
1Magic Johnson30
2LeBron James*28
3Russell Westbrook*12
4Jason Kidd11
5Rajon Rondo*10
Draymond Green*10
Larry Bird10
8Wilt Chamberlain9
9Oscar Robertson8
10Nikola Jokic*5
John Havlicek5
12Scottie Pippen4
Charles Barkley4
Tim Duncan4
Elgin Baylor4
James Harden*4
Walt Frazier4
18Clyde Drexler3
Chris Paul*3
Blake Griffin*3
Tom Gola3
Lenny Wilkens3
Ben Simmons*3
Kevin Garnett3
Fat Lever3
Bill Russell3
Jimmy Butler*3
Luka Doncic*3
* Active players in bold

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