Tips Fantasy NBA M14

Here we are with our tips for M14

Kyrie Irving in maglia Nets

This is a Matchday with two Rounds and three teams that will rest: Houston Rockets, New York Knicks and Orlando Magic. Their players (injured too) and coaches will receive their average score. Let’s find a valuable substitute to Bol Bol.


Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets, 16.3 cr): he just came back from the suspension and he needs to put minutes back in the legs. Considering that 76ers are decimated by injuries, Vaughn could give some rest to Durant and opt for Kyrie.

Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks, 14.4 cr): another player who missed several games. He has always been an asset for the Bucks and now coach Budenholzer can rely on two of his three best players.


Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics, 19.1 cr): more and more leader of this Celtics, Tatum has the opportunity to set on fire the Dallas’ midfield, also because a healthy enough Wood does not seem to be an insuperable obstacle.

Mikal Bridges (Phoenix Suns, 12.1 cr): a truly wonder of the beginning of this Season. He is compensating for the lack of Ayton, not yet at the top and with inconsistent performances.


Mason Plumlee (Charlotte Hornets, 10.9 cr): we continue to leverage Embiid’s absence for the next two matches against Nets and Hornets. Plumlee is not the most solid of the NBA centers, but he has a clear road ahead.


Will Hardy (Utah Jazz, 9.5 cr): only two wins in the last six game played for the surprise team of the Season. Tomorrow night match against Detroit seems affordable, in order to get back on the road to the unexpected Playoff.

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