Tips Fantasy NBA M21

What can we expect from Matchday 21? Let’s find out together.

Kevin Durant durante un'intervista post partita

After the three Rounds of the past Matchday, we get back to the usual two Rounds. Remember that Houston Rockets will rest, so both players (injured too) and coach will receive their average score.


Tyrese Haliburton (Indiana Pacers, 17.6 cr): the ex King is becoming one of the firm point of the NBA, not only as regards his role. In this Matchday we bet on him and his shining smile 

Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers, 17.3 cr): last night Jamal Murray stole him the scene with a Buzzer Beater that condemned the Blazers. Lillard will want to get back his title and the high-scoring match against Minnesota could serve him the right opportunity.


Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets, 20.7 cr): Collins’ absence for the Hawks means a meager defensive unit. This is the perfect situation for a player like Durant, who can give a hard time to Capela.

Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat, 17.1 cr): after tonight good results, recording almost a triple double, Jimmy could have gained the necessary boost to dominate against the Spurs. With all due respect to Coach Pop.


Jarrett Allen (Cleveland Cavaliers, 13.9 cr): in the games in which he has faced Sabonis, the Fro has almost always won hands down the challenge. We expect from him an excellent performance.


Taylor Jenkins (Memphis Grizzlies, 10.4 cr): the Pistons surprisingly defeated Miami, but we don’t think they could take down Memphis too. In Jenkins we trust.

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