Tips Fantasy NBA M24

New Matchday, new tips.

LaMelo Ball in acrobazia

A Matchday that has already lost some of its main characters, but it promises to be spectacular anyway. The three Rounds will involve all the 30 teams, with no one resting.


Lamelo Ball (Charlotte Hornets, 13.1 cr): in the first two games after the ankle injury he was the best scorer, but the win did not arrive. As a leader of this team, he has the difficult task of ferrying the Hornets out of the hell waters of the last position.

Jordan Poole (Golden State Warriors, 9.8 cr): Curry’s injury was like a bolt from the blue for the Warriors, who seems pretty far from the team who won the Championship. Poole has now the responsibility of the offense. Could we consider him Curry’s sous-chef?


Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks, 21.4 cr): the FantaCoaches who picked him in the last matches were disappointed by his scores. Tonight the match against the Jazz seems favourable for his abilities under the rim.

Julius Randle (New York Knicks, 17 cr): his performances are a sort of a rollercoaster, with high scores followed by poor feats. But, for some time now, his Knicks have taken the winning path and even Randle seems more confident inside and outside the paint.


Jalen Duren (Detroit Pistons, 7.6 cr): this is the hardest moment. Choosing a center is a big responsibility because of the poor variety and the numerous injuries. We bet on Duren, as coach Casey is doing, promoting him in the starting five at the expense of Stewart.


Joe Mazzulla (Boston Celtics, 9.9 cr): today is not the 5th of November, but the Celtics want their Vendetta against Orlando. In tomorrow night’s rematch, will Tatum and co. take home the W?

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