Tips Fantasy NBA M25

Guess who is back, back again? Our tips for M25!


Another Matchday with three Rounds looking forward to the Christmas Day. Let’s take a look to our picks.


LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers, 19.3 cr): the Lakers have to count on him at least for a month, considering Davis’ umpteenth injury. Despite the age, the King does not hold back.

Tyler Herro (Miami Heat, 13 cr): he loudly asked to do not start anymore off the bench and he was absolutely right. Since the beginning of the Season he recorder astonishing performances that are making the FantaCoaches smile.


Tobias Harris (Philadelphia 76ers, 13.2 cr): in a team with Embiid and Harden, Tobias hardly get himself noticed. Still, he is always on the top of the scorer list. The match against Detroit could be a viaticum for a good performance.

Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans, 17 cr): the MIP prize has already his name written on it, definitely. He is an essential player, so why do not have him in our Fantateam?


Christian Wood (Dallas Mavericks, 12.8 cr): the trade from Houston to Dallas seemed to have penalised him, since he was no more in the starting five. But in the last period he is beginning to distinguish himself starting off the bench too. If Minnesota still has Gobert out, Wood is one of the best options for the night.


Tyronn Lue (Los Angeles Clippers, 8.8 cr): with Leonard back in action and Zubac back from the injury, the match against the Hornets should be a routine practice. 

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