Fantasy Basketball Tips 2020/2021: Forwards

Given the close start of the 2020/2021 NBA season, here are the names of the forwards that could be the best choices for your fantasy basketball teams

Davis Ala dei Lakers

NBA season 2020/2021 is really close! And Dunkest Fantasy Basketball is ready to start again.

In view of this, therefore, we have prepared a series of tips to help less experienced fantasy coaches to deal with their fantasy basketball choices (both in the “One vs all” mode or in the Draft mode against friends).

In this article we will give advices on the best forwards, analyzing the hottest names but also the potential surprises.

Top Players

Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) – 19.5 cr

The champion of the 2020 Finals was the perfect implementation that led the Lakers to their 17th title. Over time his role in the team can only increase and given the enormous energy spent by his partner LeBron James. His playing time, especially at the beginning of the season, can only be vital to direct the season on favorable channels.

Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics) – 16.4 cr

In the last Playoffs Tatum’s talent has emerged eloquently, making it clear that in the Celtics hierarchies he is now the leader of the team. The realization skills and the offensive repertoire are at the highest levels of the league. What is expected this year is that he will begin to be more incisive on both phases of the game, hoping for a consequent increase in all his stats per game.


Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors) – 14.2 cr

Last season, after a very good start, Pascal slightly weakened at a Dunkest Fantasy Basketball level. Even his performance on the Playoffs was not optimal, but the hope is that with the departures of Gasol and Ibaka his role will become even more central for coach Nurse. As mentioned above, the performances of last year may not attract the attention of fantasy coaches. But he could be a very good value for money.

Julius Randle (New York Knicks) – 12.3 cr

With the change of head coach, the Knicks could still be a work in progress. But one of the few certainties of the coaching staff is the presence of Julius Randle, who – in addition to being the player with the heaviest contract – is certainly also the one with an offensive baggage available. Among the mid-range wings it is difficult to find better.

Low cost

Carmelo Anthony (Portland Trail Blazers) – 9.1 cr

Fresh from renewal with Portland, Carmelo has shown that in this league he can still be there and with a not marginal role. His talents have been there for all to see for more than a decade and he can be a great profile to take on the role of third or fourth forward for a decent price.

Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings) – 8.9 cr

We end with a title winner such as Harrison Barnes, who has amazed many since he arrived in Sacramento. Many were doubtful about him, but they have already changed their minds. After last season and the promising beginning of this preseason, his is certainly a great name to be allocated to the last slots of your team.

NBA Fantasy Basketball Tips 2020/2021

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