NBA Fantasy Basketball: how the restart works

After the long stop, the most beloved NBA fantasy basketball starts again. In this article we explain how the remainder of the season works

James Harden Rockets

After an interruption that lasted more than three months, we are very happy to see the return of the NBA season, starting on 30th July 2020. However, the ways NBA (and Dunkest Fantasy basketball) will be back will be different from those of a normal season finale.

NOTE: Dunkest goes on for the “seeding games” as explained below. But remember that for the Playoffs phase, a new tournament will begin!

How Fantasy Basketball works in the restart

  1. Continuity: the game will continue as it stopped, thus keeping the bonuses and positions intact in the different rankings.
  2. Wildcard for free: as at the beginning of the season, everyone receives an additional and free Wildcard to allow you to get the team back on track after the break.
  3. Non-participating players: given the peculiarity of the tournament that will take place in Orlando, the players of the franchises that do not participate or players who decided not to follow their teams in Orlando have been removed from the list of available names. Therefore they are to be considered OUT and will not gain any score.
  4. Schedule: the schedule has been redacted for the remainder of the season. A new schedule will be generated with the Playoffs tournament.

Are you ready? Go and change your team!

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