Tips Fantasy NBA M12

M12 presents us with some really interesting match-ups such as another chapter of the Mitchell vs Murray saga: here are our daily tips

Doncic Guardia dei Mavericks

After 3 days of non-stop action we’re back with our tips for M12! Let’s cut to the chase and lay out the best options for you. It’s important that you know that players from Hornets, Wizards and Cavaliers will get their average score.


  • Nikola Vucevic (Orlando Magic, 16.5 credits): What a performance he had against the Nets. Now he’ll be facing the Knicks, and Thibodeau’s team will be on the second leg of a back-to-back. There’s simply no way around it: pick him.
  • Richaun Holmes (Sacramento Kings, 11.2 credits): At the beginning of the season, we all thought that Whiteside was going to be the starter at center for the Kings. As it turns out, not only is he starting, but he’s also playing very well. In the game against the Pelicans, he could even log a double-double.
  • Enes Kanter (Portland Trail Blazers, 8.7 credits): He’d already been playing amazingly so far. Now, with Nurkic out due to a broken wrist, he could become one of the best picks at center for our fantasy coaches.


  • Christian Wood (Houston Rockets, 13 credits): He’s the front runner for the Most Improved Player award and, with Harden gone, the chances of him keeping up the excellent work he’s done so far increase. Moreover, the Bulls are a favorable match-up for him and the Rockets.
  • Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic, 10.6 credits): The Magic need to get back in the win column and Vucevic can’t do it on his own. If there’s one man that’s supposed to step up, that’s Aaron Gordon.
  • Chris Boucher (Toronto Raptors, 9.2 credits): He’s coming off 5 good performances, 2 of which were absolutely spectacular. It’s not surprising that the Raptors are now on a 2-game winning streak: there’s no reason why he shouldn’t keep playing a good deal of minutes, especially considering how much he’s helping his team under the rim.


  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks, 21 credits): Last time out he missed the triple-double by 1 rebound, but we’re ready to bet that he’ll make up for that in the game against the Bulls. He costs a lot, but he’s worth it.
  • Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz, 13.9 credits): Are you ready to witness another chapter of the Mitchell vs Murray saga? We wanted to choose one of them because we feel the thought of last season’s Playoffs might light a fire inside of them, so we decided to go with the one that’s in better shape and that’s more likely to get the W.
  • Tyrese Haliburton (Sacramento Kings, 9.2 credits): He’s a rookie that plays like a veteran, probably the most mature among the newcomers of the 2020 Draft. In order to beat the Pelicans, the Kings will need him to fill uo the stat sheet: he knows how to do it.


  • Doc Rivers (Philadelphia 76ers, 9.2 credits): With the Sixers taking on the Thunder, picking Rivers is a pretty safe bet. Also, he doesn’t really cost that much compared to the other top coaches. If you want to avoi possible unpleasant surprises, he’s your guy.
  • Steve Clifford (Orlando Magic, 5.8 credits): A little bit riskier than Rivers, but still a good pick if you ask us. The Knicks will face the Magic 24 hours after taking on the Celtics, definitely not the easiest task. Even though the Magic are in a tough spot right now, this is the time to trust Clifford and his team.

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