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Jimmy Butler is finally back and it looks like he never left. But he’s not the only great option for M18: take a look at our daily tips

Curry Guardia degli Warriors

Another 3-round matchday is coming upon us, and this time with some top players such as Brooklyn’s Big Three, Curry and Tatum playing in the 3rd round. Once again, no average score. But let’s not waste any more time and go straight to our tips for the 18th matchday of the season!


  • Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat, 16 credits): The Hornets are a tough task these days, but Jimmy Butler is back, which means the Heat are now a very solid team again: you already know Bam can be a superstar when helped by his teammates. Moreover, no one on the Hornets can guard him.
  • Serge Ibaka (Los Angeles Clippers, 11.1 credits): The Clippers will play both the Knicks and the Nets in the next 3 days, but the game with the Knicks is the only one that counts for our fantasy game. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kawhi and PG only played a bunch of minutes in order to get to the Nets game fully healthy. If that were to happen, Ibaka could take over the action.
  • Al Horford (OKC Thunder, 9.8 credits): He’s done pretty well since he came back and, if committed, he can be the leader of this Thunder team, especially in a closely contested game like, which is exactly how we see this Thunder-Rockets play out.


  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat, 15 credits): Back with a bang! Jimmy Buckets led the Heat to the win against the Kings by scoring 30 points, grabbing 7 boards and dishing 8 assists: 40.25 PDK without even logging a double-double. The Charlotte Hornets are in trouble.
  • Lauri Markkannen (Chicago Bulls, 10.7 credits): We told you he was going to take over with Wendell Carter Jr. sidelined… and he did. Unfortunately, the Bulls didn’t get the win on Saturday, otherwise his score would have been even higher. Anyways, there’s a really good chance the Bulls will win this one and, despite the match-up with Randle, we believe he’s going to stand out.
  • Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs, 9.1 credits): What a great performance he had on M17. Now the match-up is even easier and the cost is practically the same, so why shouldn’t we pick him?


  • Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors, 17.1 credits): You never know whether the Warriors are going to win or not. What you do know is that they need Steph at his best to even have the slightest chance to win. The stakes are high in this game against the Celtics, so rest assured: he will bring his A-game.
  • Victor Oladipo (Houston Rockets, 11.4 credits): While he clearly doesn’t want to be in Houston, he’s certainly playing as if he did. He just wants to get this season over with and get the best contract he can get somewhere else, so he’ll probably be playing as hard as he can. This match-up with the Thunder might give him the chance to drop as many points as he wants.
  • Collin Sexton (Cleveland Cavaliers, 10.9 credits): After a really bad display on M17, he’s ready to bounce back against one of the worst teams in the league in the Timberwolves. It’s not a safe bet, but the possible reward is way higher than the risk.


  • Billy Donovan (Chicago Bulls, 6 credits): The Bulls can definitely take the Knicks, especially since the team from NYC will be on the second leg of a back-to-back. A great low-cost option.
  • Mark Daigneault (OKC Thunder, 5.2 credits): This one’s a little risky, but we see the Rockets’ 5-game winning streak coming to an end on M18, courtesy of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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