Tips Fantasy NBA M45

Those are the nine players to try to climb the general championship standings: attention, it contains Lonzo Ball

Luka Doncic Guardia dei Mavs

Second Game Day and we immediately go with the new tips to face day 45 of our Fantabasket. We have a rich schedule that sees the clash between the Greek Freak and the Beard as cartel match. Great attention to the Clippers who will take the average score.


  • Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks, 19.4 credits): Luka is a triple double player and this time the game on the card is much simpler than the one against Rockets. Luka wants to win and prove that Dallas can be a great contender for the Playoff.
  • Ben Simmons (Philadelphia Sixers, 19.3 credits): We expect to see a Simmons in great shape. He was the best player of his team in the games of scrimmage and he will certainly want to confirm himself now that he will have more minutes available. The game in T2 against the Spurs in back to back is a good occasion to show his talents.
  • Lonzo Ball (New Orleans Pelicans, 13 credits): The Pelicans had a disastrous score in these first game days. If they want to reach the Playoffs, they need the best Lonzo on the field. He has the opportunity to shine in the direct confrontation with the Grizzlies.


  • Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks, 15.3 credits): The Latvian had a great night against Houston. The game against the Suns can be an excellent opportunity to find that continuity that has been its weak point for a while.
  • Tobias Harris (Philadelphia Sixers, 13.8 credits): The third tenor of the Sixers always has its fair share of possessions and rebounds in the hands that can be transformed into double doubles. Against the Spurs, he may have even more minutes available if Brown will make breathe his stars.
  • Carmelo Anthony (Portland Trail Blazers, 9.8 credits): The game against the Celtics is not easy, but Melo and Co. want to bring home a very important victory for the Post Season. Besides, Anthony really looks comfortable in his old role of small forward.


  • Nikola Vucevic (Orlando Magic, 17.9 credits): Excellent past game for Vuc, that was limited only by the lack of employment for the weakness of the opponents. Against Sacramento, he will surely have the opportunity to better fill the match report.
  • Jonas Valanciunas (Memphis Grizzlies, 16 credits): Jonas had an insufficient night against Portland due to the reduced use. Against the Spurs he can bounce back and bring a good score to the Grizzlies, who are forced to win to maintain their position in the Playoff.
  • Jarrett Allen (Brooklyn Nets, 10.3 credits): On this game day we have the clash between the worst teams at the moment, but Allen could put on the scoresheet a good double double given the difficulty of Washington against the centers.


  • Steve Clifford (Orlando Magic, 7 credits): He has a low cost and he had an excellent match against the Nets. With these premises, Steve is the best coach in quality/price ratio for this game day.

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