Tips Fantasy NBA M22

Towns is back: is it a good enough reason to pick Saunders as your head coach? These tips will answer this and any other question you have

Jokic Centro dei Nuggets

M21 was one of the most exciting matchdays so far. Many high scores, but also some unpleasant surprises like Julius Randle’s 5.5 PDK, just to name one. M22 is going to be another 3-round matchday, which means we’re going to have plenty of different choices. Let’s go through the best ones!


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 24 credits): While many players are having ups and downs, he’s always playing as if it was his last game. He’s setting a new record averaging around 50 PDK per game, so you must pick him every once in a while.
  • Serge Ibaka (Los Angeles Clippers, 11 credits): If you talk about ups and downs, you can’t help but think of Ibaka. Nevertheless, he can steal the show against the Chicago Bulls this time around.
  • DeAndre Jordan (Brooklyn Nets, 9.6 credits): After an amazing performance against the Pacers, he’s ready to keep dominating under the rim against one of the smallest team in the league, the Golden State Warriors.


  • Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans, 15.9 credits): He’s proving to be exactly what we thought he would be and, against the Mavs, he could exploit his speed advantage on Porzingis and put on a season-high performance.
  • Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings, 11.5 credits): He’s on a roll right now, which means you can pick him for an easy match-up against the Magic.
  • Nicolas Batum (Los Angeles Clippers, 9 credits): With Paul George sidelined the former Hornets player proved that he knows how to fill the stat sheet. Last time out he got 2 points shy of a double-double, but he might make up for that in the game against the Bulls.


  • De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings, 14.4 credits): Simply amazing, that’s how good Fox has been in these last few games. If the Kings managed to win 4 in a row before losing to the Sixers, it’s most certainly because of his performances. He’ll slice through the Magic’s defense like a knife through butter.
  • Dejounte Murray (San Antonio Spurs, 12.4 credits): He’s not infallible, but he should be able to take advantage of the Hawks’ defense and could easily register a double-double, regardless of the outcome of the game.
  • Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets, 11.9 credits): Even though Jokic tends to keep all the stats to himself, the Thunder are a good match-up for him. Don’t expect him to save the day for your fantasy team, but he can still be a good pick.


  • Luke Walton (Sacramento Kings, 6.5 credits): The way the Kings are playing, it seems like a safe bet to pick them against Orlando.
  • Ryan Saunders (Minnesota Timberwolves, 4 credits): Towns is finally back and (hopefully) fully healthy. If he plays, which he should, the T-Wolves can take down the Hornets. Most importantly, even if they lose, your fantasy team won’t lose points.

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