Tips Fantasy NBA M24

One Spurs player tested positive for Covid, but they’re expected to play anyway. However, players from one team will get their average score

Harden Guardia dei Nets

Welcome back guys! Are you ready for another great matchday? This time, Kings players will get their average score. Everyone else is good to go as of now!


  • Clint Capela (Atlanta Hawks, 15.4 credits): Another huge double-double on M23, he can’t be stopped under the rim. The fact that he doesn’t really shoot from outside the paint makes him an even better fit for your fantasy team.
  • Jarrett Allen (Cleveland Cavaliers, 11.1 credits): With Drummond sidelined as the Cavs explore trade scenarios, Allen is Cleveland’s main man at center. You already know that he can get you some serious points when he gets minutes on the court.
  • Enes Kanter (Portland Trail Blazers, 10.7 credits): He’s taking advantage of Nurkic’s absence and is now a key piece for any fantasy team, especially considering his cost.


  • Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans, 16.2 credits): Seeing Zion this year compared to last year’s version looks like night and day, mostly because he’s now actually playing night in and night out. Moreover, he always stands out against Ja Morant’s Grizzlies.
  • Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors, 12.5 credits): Besides Steph Curry, he’s Golden State’s most important player, and now he’s back to consistently flirting with double and triple-doubles. the match-up against the Heat is risky, but we trust him.
  • Kyle Kuzma (Los Angeles Lakers, 9.3 credits): He’s not the prototype of your favorite fantasy player, but with Davis sidelined he kind of has to step up his game. The match-up against the T-Wolves gives him a chance to show what he’s capable of.


  • James Harden (Brooklyn Nets, 22.3 credits): What else can we say about him? He’s probably been the best fantasy player since he landed in Brooklyn, notching one triple-double after the other. The opponent doesn’t come into the equation with The Beard.
  • Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls, 14.6 credits): We knew he was a great player, but he didn’t necessarily always made him a great fantasy player. This year though it looks like Zach got it together and started performing a lot better from a fantasy basketball standpoint.
  • Gary Trent Jr. (Portland Trail Blazers, 6.5 credits): With such a low cost and a match-up aganst the Thunder coming up, how can you not pick him?


  • Terry Stotts (Portland Trail Blazers, 8.6 credits): Portland is on a roll right now and we magine they’ll get past the Thunder pretty easily.
  • Tom Thibodeau (New York Knicks, 7.4 credits): The Knicks are favorite against the Magic despite the absence of Mitchell Robinson. Don’t hesitate, pick him and save some credits for the other roles.

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