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Get ready for another 2-round matchday with players from 2 teams getting their average scores

Irving Guardia dei Nets

Don’t worry, the Lakers can’t miss 2 matchdays in a row! This time, Magic and Raptors players are getting their average score.


  • Clint Capela (Atlanta Hawks, 17.1 credits): He sat out the seocndo leg of the latest back-to-back and now he’s ready to take control of the action against his former team, the Houston Rockets.
  • Jarrett Allen (Cleveland Cavaliers, 12.6 credits): He can notch a double-double against anyone in the league now that he’s being given enough time on the court, so he’s always a pretty good choice.
  • Dwight Howard (Philadelphia 76ers, 8.8 credits): He knows that he has to step it up until Embiid comes back, so we feel he’ll keep up the good work for at least a couple weeks. Don’t expect an “Embiidesque” score, but he can do his thing.


  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat, 19.3 credits): He’s as close to unstoppable as it gets, so we definitely don’t expect the Cavs to be the ones to stop him.
  • Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks, 14.5 credits): Second game in a row between Bucks and Wizards. Middleton performed pretty well in the first one and we doubt Washington will be able to make the adjustments in order to contain both him and Giannis. And you have to imagine they’ll focus mainly on the Greek Freak.
  • Jerami Grant (Detroit Pistons, 11.2 credits): He’s not really in a great place right now, but he has the scoring ability to turn it around. Considering how little Detroit has to offer, he’s now by far the primary option on the offensive end.


  • Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets, 16.7 credits): It’s derby time in New York, and who’s better at handling grudge matches than this guy? We’re expecting another monster performance from him.
  • Dejounte Murray (San Antonio Spurs, 13.2 credits): With the Spurs taking on the Pistons, we wouldn’t be surprised if he were able to log a triple-double.
  • LaMelo Ball (Charlotte Hornets, 12.9 credits): He’s practically already a veteran, or at least looks like it. As long as he plays like this, it’s hard to leave him off your team.


  • Nate McMillan (Atlanta Hawks, 7.3 credits): The Hawks have been on a roll since McMillan replace Pierce and there’s no reason to believe the Rockets will be the ones to turn things around.
  • Billy Donovan (Chicago Bulls, 6.9 credits): The match-up against the Thunder gives the Bulls a chance to get a much needed win.

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