Tips Fantasy NBA M35

Buckle up, because the next 3 days are going to be a roller coaster, especially seeing the latest breathtaking performances

Irving Guardia dei Nets

On M35 we are back with another 3-round matchday filled with interesting match-ups! Let’s get straight to our daily tips:


  • Nikola Vucevic (Orlando Magic, 17.9 credits): Even though the Magic are on the second leg of a back-to-back, he can exploit the Nets’ lack of quality under the rim.
  • Jonas Valanciunas (Memphis Grizzlies, 14.4 credits): As Steph Curry is listed as doubtful, this game gets a lot easier for the Grizzlies. Despite the fact that he’ll probably go toe-to-toe with Green, we feel that he can notch another double-double.
  • Dwight Howard (Philadelphia 76ers, 9.3 credits): Embiid is still out, so Howard always seems like a good option these days.


  • LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers, 21.3 credits): He never rests, he never stops, especially now that the Lakers need him more than ever. As you know very well, the triple-double alert is always on with The Chosen One.
  • Tobias Harris (Philadelphia 76ers, 15.8 credits): The game against the Bucks was the first one in a long time where he didn’t deliver, but that’s no reason to leave him off your team on this one.
  • Andrew Wiggins (Golden State Warriors, 9.5 credits): Steph might very well be sidelined for this one, so it’s up to the other starters to step it up, especially scoring-wise.


  • Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets, 16.7 credits): After sitting out against the Pacers, you can only imagine how fired up Kyrie will be tonight. We strongly suggest you to pick him no matter what.
  • Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics, 13.1 credits): He might miss some steps here and there, but overall he’s having a very good season and we expect him to have a great performance against the Kings, definitely not the toughest matchup.
  • Donte DiVincenzo (Milwaukee Bucks, 9.8 credits): He’s having the best season of his career as he has been taking up more and more responsibility. He’s coming off 32.75 PDK against the 76ers, how can you deny him?


  • Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukee Bucks, 10.8 credits): The Bucks have won 10 out of the last 11 games and look to be peaking as the postseason gets closer. Budenholzer is as safe a bet as you can get on M35.
  • Mike Malone (Denver Nuggets, 9.7 credits): The Nuggets are in good form, too, and the match-up against the Bulls should get them an easy win. Go all in on the coach for this one.

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