Tips Fantasy NBA M38

We don’t know whether the players that were traded are going to make their debut already, so we didn’t include any of them in our tips

Towns Centro dei Timberwolves

The Trade Deadline is behind us so we can finally stop worrying about most of the rumors we’ve been hearing for the last months. With that being said, let’s get straight to business!


  • Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves, 17 credits): The one with the Rockets is the match-up to determine the worst team in the West, possibly in the league. We have the T-Wolves on this one, with KAT taking over the game from the start.
  • DeAndre Ayton (Phoenix Suns, 15.1 credits): It’s very likely that the Raptors’ defense will be focused on CP3 and Booker and, considering Toronto’s lack of reliable options under the rim, Ayton could have an easy night at the office.
  • Richaun Holmes (Sacramento Kings, 14.4 credits): The way he’s been playing, he could be a good option against literally every team. The fact that he’s against the Cavs makes it even better though.


  • Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks, 14.8 credits): He won’t always perform at this level, so you should trust him as long as he does, especially with this match-up.
  • John Collins (Atlanta Hawks, 14.3 credits): In the end he stayed with the Hawks, very good news considering how well he’s been playing lately. You can pick him again against the Warriors.
  • Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers, 14.2 credits): Simmons and Harris will probably take turns guarding Kawhi, which means PG could be the star for the Clippers: it’s definitely worth a shot.


  • Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers, 18.3 credits): The Orlando Magic have lost Vucevic, Gordon, Fournier and Aminu. Can you imagine what this Damian Lillard can do to them?
  • De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings, 15.6 credits): The Cavs will be on the second leg of a back-to-back and even if they weren’t, Fox could still pick them apart. He’s definitely a safe bet on M38.
  • Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls, 14.2 credits): The Bulls made waves on the Trade Deadline, so you have to assume they’ll be extra motivated right now, especially this guy.


  • Terry Stotts (Portland Trail Blazers, 8.4 credits): Trail Blazers vs Magic, you don’t really need any other reason to pick him.
  • Scott Brooks (Washington Wizards, 4.1 credits): More of the same, considering the Wizards are going up against the Pistons. Coaches almost pick themselves this time.

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