Tips Fantasy NBA M41

The one in front of us is a really tricky matchday, as some of the best players will be playing in the third round

Jokic Centro dei Nuggets

Here comes the second 3-round matchday in a row! This time we’ll have some pretty good fantasy players in the 3rd round as well, so you’d better get at least one of them if you want to try and get a really high score.


  • Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets, 26 credits): When you have him on the 3rd round, you have to pick him. In case your previous captains messed up, he would undoubtedly save the day.
  • DeAndre Ayton (Phoenix Suns, 15.6 credits): Considering the fact that the Suns are taking on the Thunder, he seems like a good, maybe even great option.
  • Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers, 10.8 credits): For some reason people just won’t stop overlooking him, but he’s one of the best defensive players in the league. Moreover, when he’s focused, he’s more than capable of putting up great stats.


  • Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat, 18.3 credits): Jimmy Buckets against the Cavs? It’s as close to a safe bet as it gets: pick him without a second thought.
  • Tobias Harris (Philadelphia 76ers, 16.4 credits): What a season he’s having. Embiid will make his return against the Timberwolves, but that doesn’t mean that Harris will decrease his fantasy value. In fact, he’s had unbelievable performances with Embiid on the court as well.
  • Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks, 15.4 credits): We expect Porz to be extra motivated going into the game against his former team. A double-double seems very likely on this one.


  • Russell Westbrook (Washington Wizards, 20.1 credits): Let’s be honest, how can you not pick him when he’s playing almost like he did in Oklahoma City?
  • Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets, 17.3 credits): When he plays he’s almost always a great pick, especially if Harden is still sidelined. Moreover, the Bulls’ defense isn’t exactly the best, so he can make waves whenever he wants.
  • Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns, 15.7 credits): After the disappointing performance against the Hornets he immediately responded to the critics with 2 great displays in as many games. Now he takes on the Thunder, so it’s safe to say that a double-double is in order.


  • Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat, 7.6 credits): The Heat are looking to get the 4th win in a row and the Cavs seems like a good opponent to do that against.
  • Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics, 5.7 credits): Despite the awful form the Celtics are in, we still expect them to beat the Rockets.

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