Tips Fantasy NBA Playoffs M13

Are we going to see the remaining series end on M13 or are we going to see multiple game 7s? It’s going to be a great matchday regardless

Embiid Centro dei Sixers

With Kawhi Leonard sidelined with a possible ACL tear, the number of top player you can pick has got even thinner. However, there still are a few great options.


  • Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers, 19.8 credits): The Sixers somehow managed to drop a 23-point lead in game 5 and now it’s win or go home. We expect them to win but, more importantly, we expect Embiid to do everything he can to stay in this postseason.
  • Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks, 10 credits): Like we already said, he’s not a great option but he’s one of the best among the low-cost ones. He’s a starter and can put up good numbers every now and then.


  • Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets, 20.9 credits): What he did in game 5 is absolutely priceless and, even if we don’t necessarily expect him to repeat the exact same performance, we still believe he’ll be able to dominate in every aspect of the game, probably playing 48 minutes once again.
  • Paul George (Los Angeles Clippers, 16.4 credits): He had to show up… show up he did! A vintage PG performance that helped the Clippers get past the Jazz and take the lead in the series. Can he do it again? He has to.


  • Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks, 16.7 credits): We’re just lost for words with Trae at this point. His first postseason is just being insane and, even if the Hawks were to lose game 6, we could expect another great game with some unreal stats.
  • Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz, 14.1 credits): He underperformed in game 5, but we bet it was just a misstep. If he wants to keep playing this season, he’d better show up at the top of his game tomorrow night.


  • Doc Rivers (Philadelphia 76ers, 10.3 credits): Like we said before, we believe the Sixers are going to tie the series and make it to game 7. They basically lost game 5 themselves by blowing a 23-point lead: that won’t happen again.

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