Tips Fantasy NBA Playoffs M3

Since the postseason started we’ve been witnessing great games and performances, but there’s no time to look back: game 3 is approaching

James Harden Guardia dei Rockets

As you can see, these Playoffs are proving to be particularly tough to call, especially fantasy-wise, which gives you one more reason to follow our tips. As usual, we’ll give you 3 names per role and a coach: ready, set, go!


  • James Harden (Houston Rockets, 20.9 credits): Even with Russell Westbrook out of the picture, the Rockets took a 2-0 lead. Game 3 will be a much easier game for the Beard pressure-wise, which is why we feel he might have the best performance of the series so far.
  • Fred VanVleet (Toronto Raptors, 13.7 credits): Many people expected Lowry or Siakam to be the best players on the court for the Raptors: nope, it was FVV. Now that you know that, you can’t help but trust him for Game 3.
  • Garrett Temple (Brooklyn Nets, 5.8 credits): In game 2 the whole Nets starting 5 played well and Temple was the top scorer on the team with 21 points. Now that Joe Harris left the bubble, he’s going to take on a lot more responsibilities.


  • Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics, 14.8 credits): He simply can’t be stopped, at least not by the Philadelphia 76ers: it really looks like he’ll be able to dominate every single game in this series.
  • Marcus Morris Sr. (Los Angeles Clippers, 8.7 credits): After a great first game, Morris wasn’t able to repeat his performance. The Clippers will need his best version to win game 3 and we’re pretty confident they’ll get it.
  • Grant Williams (Boston Celtics, 4.5 credits): Gordon Hayward’s absence is a big deal for the Celtics, but game 2 showed how deep a team they are. In the second game of the series, Grant Williams played 20 minutes and was able to score 9 points and grab 6 rebound. Since he’ll definitely keep playing a good deal of minutes and only costs 4.5 credits, there’s no reason not to choose him for your fantasy team.


  • Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat, 16.3 credits): Pretty rough night at the office for Bam in game 2 as the big man didn’t reach the double digit in any of the stats. Don’t worry though, because number 13 is not used to making the same mistakes twice and there’s really no one that can guard him on this Pacers team.
  • Jarrett Allen (Brooklyn Nets, 11.9 credits): Normally centers don’t fare well against the Raptors, to say the least. Apparently, Jarrett Allen is one of the few exceptions, considering that he dropped back-to-back double-doubles.
  • Boban Marjanovic (Dallas Mavericks, 5.2 credits): The style match-up against the Clippers kind of force Carlisle to put Marjanovic on the court and the Serbian responded well, especially in game 2, where he flirted with the double-double. We expect him to have more minutes from here on out.


  • Doc Rivers (Los Angeles Clippers, 10.6 credits): After falling short in game 2, the Clippers can’t afford to lose two in a row. Considering how experienced Rivers is, his team definitely worked a lot in order to make the proper adjustments.

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