Tips Fantasy NBA PO M20

The number of players you can pick is getting thinner and thinner, so it’s really kind of a “do or die” situation on this 20th matchday

Middleton Ala dei Bucks

Since this matchday will see only 1 game, we’re only going to give you one name per role, including the coach we consider the favorite. Here they are:


  • Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks, 10.6 credits): He’s coming off an amazing performance and he could very well do that again, especially if Giannis sat this one out, too.


  • Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks, 15.3 credits): He already proved that he can be the Bucks’ main offensive options at times even with Giannis on the court, so regardless of the presence or absence of the Greek Freak, he’s probably going to stand out.


  • Bogdan Bogdanovic (Atlanta Hawks, 9.3 credits): Young’s status is still up in the air and, even if he were to play, he won’t be fully healthy. Bogdanovic had a good performance last time out, so you have to imagine he’ll either lead the team or at least be Trae’s main helper.


  • Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukee Bucks, 11.4 credits): We believe the Bucks are going to close this series, so the only good option here seems their coach.

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